Friday, April 2, 2010

Handphone Scam - Tan Wei Chuan Wanted By Police

Handphone Scam - Tan Wei Chuan Wanted By Police

Was browsing the web and saw this article from Lowyat.Net. Beware of a hand phone scammer by the name of Tan Wei Chuan,this fella had conned many of his victim by asking them to bank in a big sum of money into his account in exchange for a new phone but did not present them with the product.

He even harrassed his victims with tons of calls till they agreed to his cunning moves e.g. swapping an HTC with his Nokia E75 and ask his victim to bank in RM600 but after bank in, he changed his mind that he doesn't want to sell his hp anymore. Crappy right ?

Full details of this handphone scammer.

Name : Tan Wei Chuan

I/C no : 850218-01-6461

Add : 293A- JLN SALIM, OFF JLN SIA HER YAM, 85000 SEGAMAT, JOHOR or 15, Jalan 14, 14/61 Petaling Jaya 46100 Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel No : 07-9311307

H/P No : 016-9003916

ALLIANCE BANK: 140370020141243

MAYBANK: 11435718711

Some of "His" scammer clones, must keep track of these too all the time..
H/P No : 0124398898
Cimb bank acc 0738-0012117-523 name - soo pin yuh
Cimb bank acc 0716-0075218-528 name - cheam sin yee

A short video clip of Tan Wei Chuan swiping a stolen credit card at a shop in Pavilion

Read more of his cunning moves @

Tan Wei Chuan - You Are So Dead !!

Raise awareness by joining this Facebook group -

Moral of the story, there are no free lunch or even money drop from the heaven will ever come true. Be more careful of this type of situation as greed will surely destroy us one day. Do your part, do tons of research on a particular product before making any transaction with any strangers on the Net. 

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