Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bruno Mars Live in Malaysia 2011 @ PWTC !!!

Bruno Mars Live in Malaysia 2011 @ PWTC !!!

Hawaii born, US pop sensation Bruno Mars is performing his debut concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on April 10 2011 @ Merdeka Hall, PWTC. The singer and music songwriter has already topping the charts with hits like Grenade and Just The Way You Are.

Not trying to pour cold water on you but tickets to his debut concert has already sold out according to his official site @ But I'm pretty sure the Malaysian organizers, Scenique Concerts has allocated a fair amount of tickets for the Malaysian fans !!
Bruno Mars - Doo Wops & Hooligans !

Do check out their official website to purchase Bruno Mars Live in Malaysia tickets in these few days as it is under "renovation". All the best people !!

My favourite song ! Grenade by Bruno Mars music video!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Deborah Henry Crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011

Deborah Henry is Miss Universe Malaysia

Huh ? I thought Deborah Henry was the previous Miss Malaysia winner ? How come now ? Well, according to the rules, it does not state former winner of other beauty pageants are dissallowed join the Miss Universe pageant. I was kinda shocked as there were not much mentions about this. Fact is, Deborah Henry had just been crowned Miss Universe Malaysia 2011.

According to Andrea Fonseka who is the national director of Miss Universe Malaysia (MUMO), she had to choose someone who had experience and beauty without going through new selections as there were shortage of time. Therefore, it boils down to a handful of beauties selected and were voted on Facebook combined with view of panel judges.

Among the names in the list were Gail James, Cassandra Patrick, Kelly Jagan, Patricia Sue-Lin Kundsen, Stefanie Chua. Deborah Priya Henry will represent Malaysia in the prestigious Miss Universe 2011 event in Sao Paolo, Brazil in September.

Malaysian Blogger and Google Getting Sued By Restaurant Owner

Poh Huai Bin aka Sixthseal sued by an Indian restaurant owner ?

I'm sure the news of a famous food and travel blogger, Poh Huai Bin who blogs at and Google are getting sued by Jothy's Fish Head Curry restaurant director (fuiyoh!) Tharumaraj Sivaperumal for RM6million as a result of the blogger's remarks on the food and restaurant  in May 2010 which so happen is highly recommended in Lonely Planet !!

Its uncertain what will happen to Huai Bin and Google next but all I know we are free to express our opinion but perhaps his was a tad bit on the harsh side.I think the amount of RM6million is kinda absurd too !! What say you ?

Read more about the news here @

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Allan Tan & Doreen Loo - The Dog Abuser Must Be Jailed !

Doreen Loo and Allan Tan - The Dog Abuser, Wanted Dead or Alive !

It is sad to hear such news of abusing an innocent been displaying all over newspaper and online mediums these few days. So no thanks to the culprits, Allan Tan and Doreen Loo for capturing the scene on video. Torturing a cute and innocent poodle is a big no no !!

For those who are unaware on what is happening, here's an except from The Star,

A Malaysian posted the clip on Facebook had claimed it was on a pen drive she found at Suria KLCC. She said she then uploaded the video onto her profile page.
Some stills showing how Allan Tan abusing the dog poodle

The 15-minute-long-clip (, which featured the man (Allan Tan) yelling at the canine in an attempt to make it stand on its hind quarters, has since gone viral after it was posted on social networking site Facebook on Friday. (I believed Doreen Loo was the one who filmed it)

The video showed a man grabbing the puppy roughly, hitting it repeatedly on its body and shaking it vigorously. The dog, which appeared to be a poodle, was tossed to the ground and was flung across the room after it was smacked.
Poor poodle, must have been terrified by the torture =(

Apparently the guy(Allan Tan) lives in Setapak, KL currently and driving a Wira with its registration number - NBC 8313. Someone please find him and Doreen Loo and put them behind bars to give this dog a fair treatment.

Pomelo Girls - Latest Attraction in Ipoh ?

Pomelo stall assistant, Lee Pik Wen, holding one of the cash cow fruit.

Okay, I know the title sounded abit cheeky but hey, thanks to the "Pomelo girls", they had managed to attract local and outstation visitors to buy their pomelos (no pun intended) and caused a sudden rise in sales ! One of the stall's assistant, Lee Pik Wen,18 is a fine example manning a stall beside the famous Sam Poh Tong temple.

Ok, the above statement is one of my wildest imagination, thats not totally true anyway. In view of the upcoming 2011 Chinese New Year celebration, pomelo is one of must have, compulsory fruit in a family for own consumption or prayers. It is known to bring wealth and fortune all year round to the family members.

This I think is pretty self explanatory why sales of pomelo had doubled up in the past few weeks in Ipoh and not any hot chicks manning the stalls. But of course, if you are still interested in the pomelo girl, read further on this article @

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Super Junior Super Show 3 Live in Singapore 2011

Super Junior Super Show 3 Live in Singapore 2011

After their previous successful concerts, the boys from Korea,Super Junior is back in South East Asia to perform their 3rd installement of Super Junior Super Show @ Singapore Indoor Stadium on not one but two shows on 29th and 30th Jan 2011 !! Get your tickets from SISTIC Singapore or try to win it here @ OMY.SG facebook site

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Can Haz HTC Smartphone

check out my brand new HTC Smartphone !

Here's a sneak peek of my new toy, a brand new HTC Smartphone !! Judging from the picture above, I guessed you had already know the phone model. Its an original set from Maxis and I'm a proud owner of it. Awesome smartphone from HTC. Quietly Brilliant ! Review is up next..Stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Wanna Join The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race !!

I Wanna Join The Maxis Om Nom Nom Race !!

Wow, was surfing at Nuffnang Malaysia's webpage and saw this post on Maxis Om Nom Nom race !! Only 60 bloggers are selected to join the race and Nuffnang is giving very attractive prizes to the winners. I'm sure you had guessed it, yups, a HTC Smartphone !!

Here are the details for the "Maxis Om Nom Nom Race"

Date: 15 January 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Modesto’s, Ground Floor, Capital Square, 7 Persiaran CapSquare 50100, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 8am-7pm (all participants must register before 9am)
Dress code: customized “The Maxis Om Nom Nom RaceT-shirts will be provided

Do check out on this link for R&R of the race @

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Local Actor Faizal Yusof Passed Away.

Local Actor Faizal Yusof Passed Away.
What a tragic start to the year as local actor Faizal Yusof passed away at Pusrawi yesterday to heart failure. He was the star of Malay dramas such as Tiramisu and Manjalara. Faizal Yusof left behind his wife, Rosmunira Rashid,27 who is 5 months pregnant and also a 3 year old son from his previous marriage. Rest in Peace..