Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Technician Won RM11million in Power Toto 6/55 !!

Technician Won RM11million in Power Toto 6/55 !!

A technician won RM11.66mil the Power Toto 6/55 lotto game on Aug 25 with a combination of numbers 12, 16, 28, 39, 40 and 47. What was surprising is that was his first ever attempt trying !! OMG, he is so lucky !!

The winner called his mum to share the good news and even had to resort to taking sleeping pills after knowing that he won a big amount of money..
Sports Toto Malaysia, one of the legalize gaming pool company in Malaysia

He went with a friend to claim his winnings at the Sports Toto’s head office here. The man seemed to have gotten over the shock of winning a multi-million jackpot and seemed unfazed about managing his new-found fortune.

He said that he has always invested in shares and unit trust funds and would now buy properties besides purchasing a house for himself and each of his family members.

The latest record winnings came less than two weeks after a RM5.89mil jackpot was won. How I wish  I am that lucky man instead. can someone give some lucky numbers to buy so that I can be a millionaire too ??

Monday, August 30, 2010

UNIQLO To Make Its Debut In Malaysia @ Farenheit 88 This Fall

UNIQLO Due To Make Its Debut In Malaysia @ Farenheit 88 This Fall

Fashion retailers like Cotton On, Kitschen, Top Shop, Zara, Pull & Bear can step aside !! As Uniqlo raiding the one of profitable industry by opening its first ever outlet in Malaysia at Farenheit 88, previously known as KL Plaza. Uniqlo Co., Ltd. (株式会社ユニクロ) is a famous Japanese fashion house that is currently expanding its name globally.

Artist Impression of UNIQLO at Farenheit 88

The Malaysia Uniqlo outlet will boost a three floors of superb fashion and retail shopping experience due open this fall or by year end with 2,140 sqm of retail space for the large-format store. 
Expect Malaysia's UNIQLO layout to be something like this yo !

UNIQLO entered into a joint venture with DNP Clothing Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Wing Tai Asia, with a capital of RM18.8 million. The Japanese company owns 55 per cent of stake while DNP Clothing owns the remaining 45 per centUNIQLO currently has a total of 944 stores worldwide, with 809 of them located in Japan.
Vibrant color, stylish and comfy is UNIQLO's tagline !!

Malaysia is the second UNIQLO outlet in South East Asia after Singapore. Uniqlo's T-shirts, sweaters, denim, outerwear and other items are made according to exacting Japanese standards for quality and come in a variety of colours and styles.

For a sneak peak of what to expect from UNIQLO's fashion products, kindly visit their Singapore outlet's website @ 
http://www.uniqlo.com/sg or UNIQLO's Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/UniqloCo?ref=ts

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Malaysia Football Legend Isa Bakar,58 Passed Away

Malaysia Football Legend Isa Bakar,58 Passed Away

Malaysia football legend,Isa Bakar age 58 passed away yesterday morning at The Penang Hospital, 9.30am. The Penangite was a fearful striker back in his heydays in the early 1970's.

He was part of the Penang team that last won the Malaysia Cup in 1974 and was also in the national team who won the bronze medal in the 1974 Teheran Asian Games. Isa’s two goals gave Malaysia a 2-1 win over North Korea in the third-place playoff.

Isa leaves behind Mazlina and four children daughters Nuralsiah (23), Nurliyana (22), Nurkamalia (19) and son Mohd Firdaus (16).

He was laid to rest at the Perak Road cemetery in the evening.

Baskin Robbins 2010 Merdeka Triple Treat Special (29 - 30 Aug)

Baskin Robbins 2010 Triple Treat - 3 Day of Goodness in 1 Merdeka Celebration Promo

Its the time of the year again as we are celebrating our Merdeka Day. In conjunction with this proud event, Baskin Robbins Malaysia has once again make us drool with their Merdeka Triple Treat promo. 31% off for all handpacked items. Best of all, you can start buying your favorite flavors from today till the 31st August !!

Of Namewee F**K Racisms and Sucks Banana Video !!

Picture of Siti Inshah Mansor,Principal SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra *apknews.com*

Another new video posted by Namewee takes a stab at the latest issue which he deemed rather racist. The principal of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaaan Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, Siti Inshah Mansor landed in hot water by allegedly saying “Chinese students... can return to China,” and likened the prayer strings worn by Indians to a dog leash. WTF ?

Watch the video 黃明志--吶!!! Namewee FUCK Racism Malaysia NAH!!! Sucks Banana!!

If you have any issues regarding 1Malaysia, kindly voice out as we should look deeply into the core of matter and solve it before the whole concept goes haywire.

You can always join Namewee's Facebook page @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Namewee-huang-ming-zhi-Official-Page/160059088428?ref=ts if you interested la k ?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Be Hanged Yong Vui Kong's Extension for Clemency Appeal

To be Hanged Teenager, Yong Vui Kong' Get Extension for Clemency Appeal

Yong Vui Kong who is scheduled to be hanged in Singapore tomorrow has been granted an extension for his clemency appeal. Yong Vui Kong, 22 is a Malaysian drug mule was sentenced to death penalty for smuggling 47 grams of heroin into the republic island when he was then 18, in 2007.

The unition of Yong's six siblings who were split up after their parents divorced yesterday outside the gates of Singapore's presidential palace hoping to save their brother's life.

Give Vui Kong a Second Chance !!

Yong Vui Koon's family came with a petition bearing more than 100,000 signatures asking President SR Nathan to pardon Yong. Yong's 58-year-old father together with his sibling had knelt at the palace's entrance.

The 'Save Vui Kong' campaign had 100,000 signatures by Aug 23 to support a petition requesting clemency for Yong Vui Kong.

Support Donate To Save Vui Kong's Fund

Pledge your support for this poor young man, Yong Vui Koon as time is running out for him !! He does not deserve this ending. To help his friends and families member, kindly click on the URL  http://2ndchance4yong.wordpress.com/donation/

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Results of 2010 Miss Universe, Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete Won It !!

Results of 2010 Miss Universe, Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete Won It !!

The winner of the 2010 Miss Universe pageant went to Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete of Guadalajara native. First runner-up was Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps, while second runner-up was Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell.

Final 10 of 2010 Miss Universe in their evening gown

A total of 83 girls had took part in this pretigioius event that was held at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The 2010 Miss Universe contestants in their bikinis

Miss Australia 2010 , Jesinta Campbell in her lovely evening gown.

Again, congrats to Miss Mexico, Jimena Navarrete for her achievement !!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jay Chou 周杰倫 Lost S$2million in Singapore Casino !!

Jay Chou 周杰倫 Lost S$2million in Singapore Casino !!

Taiwanese hearttrob and pop star, Jay Chou 周杰倫 lost nearly S$2million in Marina Bay Sands Casino Singapore during his concert tour last month.

Jay Chou 周杰倫 has played between S$100,000 and S$200,000 (RM232,000 and RM463,000) per bet. Chou lost almost S$2mil (RM4.6mil) in the Bacarrat games in 2 days.

Chou's manager company had denied the news. He said the star had only lost S$1,000 (RM2,308) at the casino and the person who reportedly lost that big amount of money was not Jay !!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Miss USA and Miss Japan Posed Topless in Miss Universe 2010 ??

Miss USA and Miss Japan Posed Topless in Miss Universe 2010 ??

Controversy has been surrounding the glamorous event of  2010 Miss Universe pageants as contestants posed topless where only deocrative body paint covered their vital parts. Miss USA,Rima Fakih and Miss Japan,Maiko Itai were the few daring contestants for such feat stressing that they were comfortable with the photoshoot.

Nadine Ann Thomas, Malaysia representative for 2010 Miss Universe pageant

This however was not agreed by Miss Singapore,Tania Lim and Miss Malaysia, Nadine Ann Thomas as they don't think posing topless is the way to show off our true Asian roots. Well done,ladies !!

The finals of the 2010 Miss Universe pageant is set to be held in Las Vegas on 23 August 2010. We are waiting for the host to announce the result like this "The winner of the 2010 Miss Universe pageant goes to..." This will keep anyone guessing for now so stay tune to watch it k..

For Malaysian viewers, the 2010 Miss Universe will be broadcast live on ASTRO Star World, 24 August 2010 at 9am while the primetime repeat is at 10pm.

Starbucks Mooncake 2010 Sets Are Out Now !!

Starbucks Mooncakes 2010 Is Out Now !!

The Mid Autumn festival is fast approaching. Its only less than a month to be exact by the time you read this post. Well, as to continue last year's tradition, Starbucks has just released their mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn 2010 festival. There are 2 sets to choose from. A 2-piece flap-lid box set and 4-piece premium set with two exclusive Starbucks Chinese tea cups.
2-piece flap-lid box set
4-piece premium set with two exclusive Starbucks Chinese tea cups

What is the price or how much are the Starbucks Mooncake set? A 2-piece flap-lid box set is Rm32.80 while 4-piece premium set with two exclusive Starbucks Chinese tea cups will set you back RM118.80.

Mid-Autumn only comes once in a year, why not head to your nearest Starbucks outlet to grab a set for loved ones ? Its classy and presentable !! As per Starbucks motto for this campaign "The art of giving, a joyous and scrumptious Mid Autumn Festival:

Wang Lee Hom, 1 Utama Malaysia 十八般武藝 Album Showcase 2010 !!

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 十八般武藝 1 Utama Album Showcase

Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 has again came out with his latest creation and also his 14th album, 十八般武藝 aka The 18th Martial Arts. The first 1000 fans who bought his 十八般武藝 CD will stand a chance to meet and greet Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 in person !! The showcase is held on 22 August 2010 at Central Park Avenue, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama shortly after his visit in Singapore a day earlier.

The Wang Lee Hom 王力宏 十八般武藝 CD by Sony BMG is now available at all local music stores near you for RM47 !!  你不知道的事 by Wang Lee Hom is damn nice !!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sexy Scarlett Johansson, The Face Behind MANGO/MNG 2010 Campaign

Sexy Scarlett Johansson, The Face Behind MANGO/MNG 2010 Campaign

What does a high street fashion like Dolce & Galbana and Mango MNG have in common ? Having Scarlett Johansson as their spokes model of course!! This sultry and curvy actress cum model cum singer has already made her name in the entertainment with her body and face compliment well with any fashion brand in the world.

Mango/MNG Fall Winter 2010 featuring Scarlett Johansson.

The beautiful actress,Scarlett Johansson was chosen by MANGO/MNG for her extraordinary personality, which embodies the ideal of the urban, enterprising, daring woman that MANGO/MNG targets.

Scarlett Johansson is the epitome of an elegant, sensual woman who is at the same time both creative and inquisitive, and always aware of the latest fashion. Following are her photoshoots, dont expect to see Scarlett Johansson's nude or naked photos here, its just purely her and her exquisite fashion sense.
Scarlett Johansson in the recent Mango/MNG Spring/Summer 2010

Simple yet classy Scarlett Johansson

Can you please stop staring at Scarlett Johansson's breast ?

Oh talking bout that, did you know that Scarlett Johansson's breast got groped by Isaac Mizrahi on live TV ? Damn daring fella but apparently he is a gay !! 

For more details on the MANGO/MNG Fall Winter 2010 Fashion Campaign, do log in to http://www.mango.com

Newly Launched BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 + Mini Review 2010

Newly Launched BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 + Mini Review 2010

RIM (Research In Motion) has launched the latest BlackBerry Curve on the market by the name of BlackBerry Curve 9300 3G. It will be a full function smartphone with 3G capabilities suitable fo those who have not own a smartphone or BlackBerry yet. It also comes with BlackBerry OS6.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone features a full-QWERTY keyboard, optical trackpad for navigation, built-in GPS and Wi-Fi®, as well as dedicated media keys, so music lovers can easily access their tunes while on the go.

The new BlackBerry Curve 3G !!

The BlackBerry Curve 3G sports a camera that can record video and a microSD/SDHC slot that supports up to 32 GB memory cards for media storage. Support for 3G networks makes browsing faster, streaming music smoother, and gives users the ability to talk on the phone while they browse the web, instant message with BlackBerry® Messenger (BBM™) or share their location with friends on popular social networking sites.

The new BlackBerry Curve 3G smartphone (model 9300) will be available from various carriers and distribution partners around the world beginning in August. Hopefully it will be available on DiGi or Maxis network soon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Thailand Tourist Police Dancing Super Junior's Sorry Sorry on YouTube !!

Thailand Tourist Police Dancing Super Junior's Sorry Sorry on YouTube !!

You love to watch Super Junior's Sorry Sorry ? Wait till you watch Thailand Tourist Police Division Thailand, doing their once in a lifetime Evening Talent Show dancing to the tune of Sorry Sorry @ Rayong on Aug 5th 2010. The viral video has been spreading over Youtube and has garnered 300k+ viewers since.

This is the summary from the Thailand Tourist Police who performed the Sorry Sorry dance on Youtube.

After we all got the nerves to get this done. A two day production day one getting the moves in our heads and day two costume and filming. Thank you everyone for their hard work so we could put our duties on hold and have our 5 minutes of fame. We did think long and hard if we were going to use our uniform but decided not to thank god we didn't. Hope you enjoy. สามารถติดต่อดารา นักแสดง ที่ ผู้กำกับการ 4 กองบังคับการตำรวจท่องเที่ยว ณ เชียงใหม่ เบอร์โทร 1155 your first friend.

Watch the Youtube video Sorry Sorry Super Junior 슈 퍼주니어3집 (dance cover) version Thailand Tourist Police Division.

Timbaland Performing on Arthur's Day 2010 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach 2010 !!

Timbaland Performing on Arthur's Day 2010 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach Sept 24 2010 !!

Woohoo !! What a surprise package for this year's Arthur's Day 2010 celebration. Guess who's the main act this year ? Its Timbaland !! Yay, Im sure gonna go to this awesome concert this year at the same venue, Malaysia Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach on September 24th.

The upcoming Arthur's Day celebration with who Timbaland is performing might be expected to equal or beat last year's crowd of 15,000 fans who came to watch Black Eyed Peas live on stage at Sunway Lagoon's Surf Beach.
Thank you Sir Arthur Guinness for your awesome stout !!

For those who are still having a big question mark on what is an Arthur's Day celebration about. Well,it is a global campaign that was initiated last year to commemorate 250th anniversary of its founder Arthur Guinness. This year, expect to have a bigger and more energetic crowd !!

Local acts such as Pop Shuvit, Mizz Nina, DJ Fuzz and Thai-American hip hop group Thaitanium will also perform alongside with Timbaland in the Arthur's Day 2010 celebration yo !!.
Guinness - 250 Remarkable Years !!

Log into http://arthursday.com.my/ for the latest updates on the Arthur's Day 2010 celebration. Don't miss this great chance to join in the crowd in this massive love concert !!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Air Asia X - X-Traordinary Low Fare Promo 17-19Aug 2010

Air Asia X - X-Traordinary Low Fare Promo 17-19Aug 2010

Grab the latest bargain from Air Asia X from today onwards to 19 Aug 2010 for Air Asia X-Traordinary Low Fare Promo to travel to all its destination except Korea. Travel period is from 1 April to 11 August, 2011.

Besides offering free seats to Mumbai and New Delhi with guests only needs to pay airport tax from as low as RM25 one way, the airlines is also offering fares from as low as RM499 to London.

Australian destinations such as Gold Coast, Perth and Melbourne are available from RM199 whilst fares to China are offered from as low as RM99 to Tianjin and Chengdu and from RM149 to Hangzhou. The fare to Taiwan is also offered from RM149.

Air Asia RM1 Mind Blowing Fare Promo

For those who are unaware, Air Asia also has the ongoing RM1 Mind-Blowing Fare promo offering only RM1 to fly to any destinations !! How awesome is that !! For your info, all fares quoted by AAX above are for one way trip only to avoid confusion among customers on the rates.

What are you waiting for ? Log into www.airasia.com or mobile.airasia.com to grab your latest Air Asia flight tickets 2010 promo !!

I feel like flying to the South Korea route with Air Asia X !!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Amber Chia Modelling Academy Officially Launched !

Amber Chia Modelling Academy Officially Launched !

For those who are unaware, Amber Chia herself has launched her own modelling academy aptly named the Amber Chia Academy. Benjamin Toong and Desmond Yoi are her two strong support men which had already convinced the media that this academy can go far !!

The academy acquired 2,000 sq ft of space on the 6th floor of Block B in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, and was built at a cost of slightly more than half a million Ringgit.

Datuk Jimmy Choo was the VIP Guest !!

The modelling courses offered are real-time professional runway model course which require 60 hours worth of lessons spread over a period of two months.

Hopefuls who do not meet the criteria of a runway model can opt for the Image Modelling course, which has also attracted a considerable number of students.

Modeling course fees range from RM1,688 to RM3,888 and make up course fees start from RM699.

Open Day is this Saturday and Sunday (14th and 15th August 2010) from 10am to 4pm.

Here is the location of her academy, kinda easy to find though.

Amber Chia Academy
B-23-6 Jaya One
72A Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya
Tel: +603 7960 8010


Friday, August 13, 2010

Jackie Evancho,10 Years Old aka The Mini Susan Boyle !!

Jackie Evancho, The Mini Susan Boyle !!

Jackie Evancho who is only 10 years of age has become the latest star of the popular realtiy talent show, America's Got Talent season 2 where she belted out her awesome opera-singing skills singing O Mio Babbino Caro by Giacomo Puccini.

Dubbed the mini Susan Boyle, Jackie Evancho has aleady started singing the opera style at a very young age of 8. This talented girl also plays the violin and piano.Her biggest break so far in her singing career was when she performed with David Foster.

Jackie Evancho Belting Out Her Number in America Got Talent

Now, Jackie Evancho will proceed to the next round of the series and is still in running to win the grand prize of $1million !!. All the best to her !! Forget bout Justin Bieber, here comes Jackie Evancho !!

Here is the video of Jackie Evancho performed on America's Got Talent Season 2 last Tuesday.

M'sian Casanova Conwoman Cheated Man of RM400K

Malaysian Casanova Conwoman, Michelle Lee Pai Yin Cheated Man of RM400K

The latest case of casanova conwoman has been caught and exposed !!Her real name is Michelle Lee Pai Yin, 25years old had conned six men from different locations in Malaysia and cheated them of RM400,000 since being their friends from 2002.

By making excuses and stories, she managed to charm her "victims" of handing over their hard earned money. Some of them even had no money left in their savings and she persuaded them to borrow them from the loan sharks. WTH !!

In the event of the man asking back their money or not given her the money, she would make excuses like commit suicide or going back to her hometown to avoid getting harassed by her victim.

Casanova Michelle Lee Pai Yin, you are such a BITCH !!

Apart from being greedy, the casanova had even being really mean to her victims by keeping the handphone and ATM cards. She even use the mobile number to her own use by cheating the victim's friends of their money !!

Currently in police custody, this bitch casanova Michelle Lee Pai Yin had no remorse feeling towards her opposite sex saying that she has not put anyone in trouble !! Go f*** yourself, bitch..