Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get The Awesome HTC Flyer With Maxis Package + Mini Review !!

Get The Awesome HTC Flyer With Maxis Package !!

HTC Flyer is now available through Maxis ! Sign up with Maxis Ultimate Solid Plan Package and you can own this magnificient piece of technology for only RM195 (after 24months) !! or you too can purchase it at retail price of RM2,499.
Pay RM152 monthly (after rebate) and you own the HTC Flyer for only  RM195 !

With this package, you can surf Facebook and watch Youtube videos on your HTC Flyer for a maximum of 16GB of monthly data and without speed capping !!

HTC Flyer - cool and clean design !

As for the HTC Flyer itself, it has a blazing fast 1.5Ghz processor to keep the lag away during mutlitasking and 7 inch super clear screen to satisfy your HD viewing cravings ! Plus, running on Android with HTC Sense to bring the tablet experience to a whole new level. 

Hurry up to the nearest Maxis centre to grab the latest HTC Flyer before it runs out of stock !

Friday, May 27, 2011

Meet Super Junior M in Himpunan Sejuta Belia 28 May 2011

Meet Super Junior M in Himpunan Sejuta Belia 28 May 2011

Yups, for you Super Junior M fans outside there, here's is your chances to meet your idols live at the Malaysia's Himpunan Sejuta Belia happening now today,28th May 2011 at Putrajaya Precint 3 10pm. and best of all, admission is FREE for this Super Junior M concert !!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Join Nokia World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground @ Low Yat Plaza

Join Nokia World's Biggest Angry Birds Playground @ Low Yat Plaza

Are you an Angry Bird fan ? If yes, you are welcome to join Nokia Malaysia in their attempt to create the Guinness World Record of Most People Playing on A Mobile Phone Relay at the World's Biggest Angry Bird Playground gathering happening in Low Yat Plaza on 11th June 2011 from 11am - 9pm.

Best of all admission is FREE !! All you need to do is to register here @ and be part of Guinness World Record attempt ! Rumors saying that there are plenty of Angry Birds plush toys and collectors items up for grab on that day plus a "vertical slingshot ball" game for you to try out. Do come and support this event k !!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Manchester United New Home Kit 2011/2012 Revealed !!

Manchester United New Home Kit 2011/2012 Revealed - Front !!

Yeah, looks like we will be looking forward to Manchester United's new home kit jersey for the 2011/2012 season !! It was officially announce by the club and the new kit will go on sale from Friday 3 June 2011. What is price for the new Manchester United 2011/2012 jersey ? Well, its the same price as per previous season !!

Manchester United New Home Kit 2011/2012 Revealed -Back !!

According the,

Manchester United’s new home kit for season 2011/12 is a fusion of classic and modern; while its design is inspired by the club's history, the process used to manufacture it is new and pioneering.

The body of the shirt is traditional red with a white crafted crew neck collar and central black stripe to replicate the design of the club’s retro bar scarf, which has previously appeared on the shirts worn by legendary United sides of the past, including the 1977 and 1985 FA Cup winners, and on the back of the shirts worn by the winners of the 2008 Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League.

For the first time, the shorts and socks – as well as the shirt – are made from Nike’s ground-breaking recycled polyester. Each complete kit is made up of up to thirteen reclaimed plastic water bottles, thus reducing energy consumption by up to 30 per cent compared to the manufacturing of traditional polyester.

Monday, May 23, 2011

YTL Yes Life on iOS Simplified

Make calls and sms with Yes Life on iOS

Have an Apple iPhone, iPad or even an iPod Touch ? Well, now you can call and sms by using a YES 018 number ! Now I'm pretty sure there's a big question mark on your head right now but can iPad and iPod Touch even make a call ? The answer is YES. Go to Apple App Store and download Yes Life app to your Apple gadgets.
Sign in with your YES ID in your Yes Life app and start making calls !

What this app does is it turns your iPad / iPod Touch into a mobile phone. Yes !! A mobile phone !! or add a second line to your iPhone. With a YES 018 number you can instantly call and sms to anyone from your Apple gadgets, and best of all its simcard-less !! All you need is internet connection either from your 3G data plan or Wi-Fi.

Make calls with your iPhone and iPad with Yes Life app

Yups, its not necessary by using YES 4G network, as you too can utilize internet provided by other ISP such as Maxis / Digi / Streamyx / Unifi and list goes on. So long as your Apple gadgets are connected to the Internet, the Yes Life is active and good to go to make calls and sms.
YTL Yes Life, its a trule revolutionary experience !

Good news for frequent travelers to foreign countries as you can make calls to anywhere without paying any roaming charges when you are calling from your Yes Life app !! Can't wait to discover the awesome-ness of Yes Life? I suggest you to download the app from Apple Store now and start using it !!

Subsequently, you too can watch the video here for more understanding of the YTL Yes Life app =)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Hulu Langat Landslide Claimed 16 Victims *UPDATE* 22nd May 2011

As of 10am today, The Star Online had reported the final victim was pulled out from the landslide rubble, 11 year's old boy, Kamarul Hanizam of Madrasah Al-Taqwa Orphanage,Ulu Langat. This brings the number to 16 who had died resulted from the landslide yesterday.

9 survived the landslide and rushed to Ampang Hospital for treatment. The last survivor, a boy named Iwan, was rescued at 10.15pm Saturday. The landslides hit Kampung Felcra Semungkis,Hulu Langat about 1.30pm Saturday

Hulu Langat Landslide Hit Orphanage 21st May 2011 *Update*

Hulu Langat Landslide Hit Orphanage 21st May 2011

Its a tragic day of mishaps as an orphanage centre was almost completely brought down to earth in a landslide in Hulu Langat today at 2.30pm. 6 dead and 9 still missing from Rumah Anak Yatim Hidayah, Madrasah Al-Takwa, Jalan Felcra Semungkus, 14th mile, Hulu Langat, near Kajang when last reported.

To those who wish to lend a hand, you can do so by contacting En.Naza (017-3280013) and bring along torch lights, waterproof canvas, blankets and fresh water. Rest in peace to the lost ones and all the best to the rescue team to find the missing people who might got buried in the landslide.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Play Angry Bird on Google Chrome !! *Latest*

Play Angry Bird on Google Chrome !! *Latest*

Woohoo !! Now you can play Angry Bird on your Google Chrome browser !! How cool is that !! And now, before you get even more excited, you can download this game for free and play it without Internet connection..

How to play Angry Birds on your Google Browser ? First step, download the latest version of Google Chrome from (duh!!) and click on this link Final step, sign in with your Gmail and you are good to go !! To play, just drag and release the birds to the pigs like how you play em on your iPhone,iPad or even Android based devices.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Lee Dewyse Live In Subang Parade, Malaysia 2011

Lee Dewyse Live In Subang Parade, Malaysia 2011

Yups, the winner of ninth season of American Idol, Lee Dewyse is in KL for a free performance !! Head on to West End in Subang Parade at 4pm today (17th May 2011) to catch him perform live and you could stand a chance to get his autograph. This event is brought to you by Star World and Sony Music Malaysia.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Josiah Mizukami, Winner of CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelor

Josiah Mizukami Winner of CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor

Girls go gaga over him. Yeah,this dude by the name of Josiah Mizukami. Why? Cause he was recently crowned CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelor at Mist Club, Bangsar.

Josiah Mizukami and his girlfriend, Natacha Meunier

A half Japanese and half Caucasian, born with clean-cut look and a buff physique, its a no brainer that he swept other hopeful contestant away ! Congrats dude ! Oh btw girls, he is currently attached to Natacha Meunier, a model from France who is currently based in South East Asia. What a picture perfect combination ! I envy you max..

Sammi Cheng (郑秀文) and Andy Hui (许志安) To Marry Soon?

Sammi Cheng (郑秀文) and Andy Hui (许志安) To Marry Soon?

After years and year of courtship, will we get to see Hong Kong superstars Sammi Cheng (郑秀文) and Andy Hui (许志安) becoming husband and wife in real life ? The date has not been set but it should be around October this year. Both sides are meeting up with their future in-laws to discuss their marriage. Congrats to both of them in advance ! =)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

FHM World Sexiest Woman 2011 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

FHM World Sexiest Woman 2011 - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

What does Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington have in common ? Both stars in the Transformers movie franchise and both were No.1 on FHM's 100 Sexiest Woman in the world ! Rosie Huntington shot to stardom when she replaced Megan Fox in Transformers 3. On top of that she does modelling for Victoria Secret and Burberry.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the face of Burberry

She also came out top in Maxim's 100 list last few weeks ago. So, that must have you tell something right ? Yups, Rosie Huntington is just SUPER HOT ! Anyways, the Top 10 sexiest women in the world on FHM's list this year are:

1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
2. Katy Perry
3. Rihanna
4. Megan Fox
5. Olivia Wilde
6. Brooklyn Decker
7. Marisa Miller
8. Kelly Brook
9. Nicole Scherzinger
10. Irina Shayk

Below are some photos to justify how beautiful and sexy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is, no wonder she tops the FHM and Maxim's sexiest woman list.

Sexy Rosie Huntington-Whiteley..don't stare too long at the boobs ! 

Cute and playful Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in pink/white strips bra

Very elegant Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Donnie Yen is Monkey King !

Donnie Yen is Monkey King !

Wow, seems like Donnie Yen is very synonymous with historical characters nowadays. First was Ip Man, then Guan Yu and now the very famous Sun Wu Kong aka Monkey King. “The Monkey King” will also stars Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun-Fat, Peter Ho, Faye Wong, Cecilia Cheung, Kelly Chen, and Gigi Leung, is scheduled to go on cinema around July 2012 in IMAX 3D !!

Friday, May 6, 2011

2011 Hitz.FM Parody - Monday Aka Friday Parody + Lyrics

2011 Hitz.FM Parody - Monday Aka Friday Parody + Lyrics

Yups, its the latest parody by the ever wacky dynamic duo of JJ and Ean from Hitz.FM's Morning Crew. The latest parody is of course non other than Rebecca Black's infamous multi-million hits on YouTube - Friday. And oh, its also features Bruno Mars at the end of the song. Check it out yo !! Lyrics of Hitz.FM's Monday Parody is after the video. Credit to Jenjoel for the video and lyrics. Enjoy !

Talking part:
J: Aicho !! Of all days, Monday ah? 
E: And of all songs we're doing this song dude! 
J: Ya la wat to do !? 
E: Its started already u better think of some lyrics cus u're gonna sing 1st AHA! 
J; No, im sleeping. 
E: No "1 to joos" u lost, u had the water thing.
J: *snoring* 

Singing Part: 
Stuck in the jam very early in the morning gotta get to work gotta get to school.. 
Gotta look good then forget to brush teeth, use my finger OWH !! smelly!! 
PON PON PON!!  Tolong tepi finally get to where i need to be.. 
Gotta catch my breath present my assignment messing up my whole speech, projector not working I think I'm messing up I think I'm gonna fail..

Its monday monday got a big frown on monday.. 
Wish we could fast forward to weekend weekend
Monday, monday feel so down on monday 
Really wish that we could fast forward to the weekend 
And crying and crying, crying and crying, 
Jam jam jam..when will the stupid jam ends! 

Monday always sucks i never get it my way,
Taking so long so jam on the highway,
Jam jam, stuck in the jam, 
You know how bad it is 
I hate this you hate this when nothing seems to go rite, 
At the office the office im still so sleepy
I'm napping on my desk, he's napping in the pantry
I feel like getting ice cream when is our lunch break??

Its Monday Monday got a big frown on Monday.. 
Wish we could fast forward to the weekend weekend.. 
Monday monday feel so down on Monday 
We're wondering when this song is going to end.. 

**dudu - incoming email** 
JJ & Ean: Hey you email hold on its from Bruno Mars he says..AH apparently he says his standing rite behind us WHAT THE? Bruno? 
Bruno: Hey JJ n Ean that's a hot parody u've got going on how come im not in it? 
JJ: OWH OWH OK ~ switch up

Today I dont feel like doing anything, 
I just wanna lay in my bed, dont feel like picking up the phone so leave a message at the tone,
Today I swear im not doing anything, nothing at all ~ woohoohoo woohoohoo..

Bruno: Guys! hey YEAH! tats not bad~ thanks ya! JJ n Ean i have a suggestion~ 
JJ & Ean: Alright~ what what?? 
JJ & Ean: What like no singing?? 
Bruno: PERFECT! 
JJ & Ean: Owh.... now what?

Its Monday Monday got a big frown on Monday.. 
Wish we could fast forward to the weekend weekend.. 
Monday monday feel so down on Monday 
We're wondering when this song is going to end.. 

Chapman To Reads Review of Sex and Zen 3D (18+ / NSFW)

Chapman To Reads Review of Sex and Zen 3D

Okay, I guess this is 1st ever NSFW and 18+ post that I've ever posted. This is just too funny and I have to share with my readers. This post is about Chapman To (杜汶澤) reviewing a complaint made by an 18-year old boy who watched the recent Sex and Zen 3D featuring top porn artistes like Vonnie Lui Hoi Yan and Saori Hara. Even Chapman himself could not stop laughing while doing the review.

Sex and Zen 3D featuring Vonnie Lui and Saori Hara. Will be shown in Singapore and Malaysia?

WARNING - Those who are easily get offended by word swearings and sexual contents, PLEASE SKIP THIS POST..I repeat, PLEASE SKIP THIS POST !

For those who are still interested, kindly watch this video of Chapman To reading the boy's review. There's a Chinese subtitle plus English translation below for your perusal.


Why would a porn flick show more blood rather than sweat/semen? More piercing cries rather than moans of ecstasy? And why would a 3D porn flick show more flying bullets, knives, rocks, guts and gore rather than sex? Fuck. I’d rather see cumshots squirt towards my face instead of seeing bullets or knives come at me from the screen. If I wanted to see flying bullets, I would’ve gone to see “Let the Bullets Fly” instead.

Why would a porn flick turn into a horror movie? Why would it contain head explosions, disembowelments and dismemberment? Fucking motherfuckers! I watch porn because I want to see people having sex, not murdering each other! How can I get a hard-on when I see cocks getting severed?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, the so called porn-cum-slasher flick I’m talking about is 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy. But let’s put aside the gory details for a minute and talk about what the focus of a porn flick should be: the actresses.

Any horndog should get a little stiffy when they hear the names Saori Hara, Yukiko Suo, Lan Yan or Hong Kong’s very own Vonnie Lui, especially if they were to be in a film together. Somehow 3D Sex and Zen managed to fuck up a porno featuring these actresses.

Firstly, they fucking ruined the movie by dubbing over Saori Hara’s voice with that bitch Vienna (Lin)’s! We are perfectly content with hearing the original soundtrack of Japanese pornos even though we don’t understand a word they’re saying.

Secondly, why would you whip Yukiko Suo to shreds in a porno? What’s more, she was fucked to death in the movie! Like literally fucked to death! Most of us who went to see 3D Sex and Zen are horny little bastards, not necrophillic sadist freaks! If you find any dude still pitching a tent after watching these scenes in the theater, I suggest you get up and leave. He may be dangerous.

Another point of contention in 3D Sex and Zen is the orgy scene with Hiro Hayama. Most of the chicks in that scene are way fucking ugly. Motherfucking cunts! How am I supposed to get a stiffy from watching that?

Fuck it. Let’s also put aside this point for the moment and really focus on why I went to see this movie in the first place. I went to see 3D Sex and Zen because of Vonnie Lui.

Before heading to the theaters, I did a little research and found out that Vonnie Lui would be playing the role of a tranny in the film. However, I never expected to see her use “her cock” to club people or to spin a wheel. The movie is also so fucked as to use an old man’s voice for her voice-overs! Further, Vonnie’s character name is Elder of Bliss? WHAT THE FUCK!

Fuck it. Forget the voice-overs as well. As I said before, I went to see this movie because of Vonnie Lui. In fact, one of the key selling points for 3D Sex and Zen is that we finally get to see Vonnie Lui naked. But the fucking sad part is that we only get to see her bare tits for a total of 2 seconds (a user on even noted that this scene may have been doctored).

That’s right, 2 whole fucking seconds. Was I supposed to glance at her face or her tits during those 2 seconds? And guess what happens after those 2 precious seconds. She puts her clothes back on you say? No, her whole body blows up on screen! My dear goddess Vonnie Lui explodes into pieces of flesh! MOTHERFUCKERS!

Here’s the thing, Vonnie Lui has been my idol ever since I was a young lad. Others have called her ugly and scoffed at her fake boobs. But my love for her has never wavered. So when I first heard about this 3D porn flick starring Vonnie Lui AND two of Japan’s top porn models almost a year ago, I totally jizzed my pants.

I spent an entire year in rabid anticipation for 3D Sex and Zen. And for what? For a two-second flash of Vonnie’s tits and her subsequent bodily explosion? Do you know what fucking kind of mental damage this has caused me? Everytime I see pictures of Vonnie Lui from henceforth I will be reminded of Elder of Bliss’ voice and her exploding body. They fucking ruined the perfect image of my dear Vonnie Lui! YOU FUCKBALLS!!!!

Finally, many question my sanity with regards to my rage in all of this. But I tell you my mind is crystalline and my rage is pure: FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING 3D SEX AND ZEN!!!

Actress Michelle Chia To Divorce Soon ?

Sexy Singaporean actress, Michelle Chia photo

Sexy Singaporean actress, Michelle Chia is heading towards splits-ville with her husband Shaun Chen due to a rocky relationship. The process is currently on-going and is expected to end by October.

Michelle Chia with her recent award

 I used to follow Michelle Chia hosting Yummy King with Adrian Pang and also her short stint in the Hong Kong TVB series "Yummy Yummy". She is a professional actress and a eye-candy in most of series.

Shaun Chen and Michelle Chia during happier times.

It's kinda sad to hear news of couples breaking up and divorcing. What's the meaning of love and marriage then ? If this is going to happen, I guess both parties should had a deep thought on each single details before really engaging in a relationship or even marriage.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Patricia Sue Lin, New Host For Castrol Football Crazy !!

Patricia Sue Lin, New Host For Castrol Football Crazy !!

Ultra hot and unique looking model, Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen of Danish and Chinese parentage is the new host of the wacky ESPN Castrol Football Crazy !! She will host alongside with Adam C and JD. Though she always gets bullied by the 2 boys, she still look elegant and bubbly throughout the entire 30mins program. Well done and of course in return has an extra fan which is ME !!

Catch more zany antics on Castrol Football Crazy, every Thursday at 8pm (HKT), only on ESPN. Repeats on Saturdays 11am (HKT).

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dayang Nur Atikah - Ford Supermodel Malaysia 2011 Winner !!

Dayang Nur Atikah - Ford Supermodel Malaysia 2011 Winner !!

Congrats to Dayang Nur Atikah for winning the Ford Models Supermodel of the World Search Malaysia 2011. This 18 year old, Sabahan lass of Bajau and Brunei parentage was crowned after the 2011 Formula One Sepang race !!

The competition also named Gabrielle Boudville, 20, from Kuala Lumpur as first runner-up, and Karen Lugun, 18, of Kelabit and Punjabi parentage as second runner-up from Kuching, Sarawak.

Paul Van Dyk in Zouk KL 15th May 2011

Paul Van Dyk in Zouk KL 15th May 2011

Iconic DJ from Germany, Paul Van Dyk will be making a trip to Malaysia to spice up our nightclub scene. Be mesmerized with his DJ-ing skills on the May 15th 2011 @ Zouk KL. Admission is RM88 per person or RM439 for open bottle which admits 4 persons.

For reservations, please call 03-2171 2075 (12pm - 6pm) or 0163323191 (after 6pm) or email

Monday, May 2, 2011

2nd Branch UNIQLO KLCC Open on 6th May 2011 !!


Following the success of the 1st branch in Farenheit 88, Japanese super-fashion outlet, UNIQLO Malaysia is opening their second branch in KLCC on the 6th May 2011. Yups, that is like less than 5 days away !! Btw, receive a FREE Uniqlo new design tote bag for the 1st 500 customers on opening day !!

Also get a special Limited Edition Uniqlo tumbler with every RM200 nett spend in a receipt and receive an original Cath Kidston fan upon every item purchased from Cath Kidston Project.

Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse (Against War) In KL - May 2011

Jay Chou and Nicholas Tse (Against War) In KL - May 2011 

Nicholas Tse 谢霆锋 and Jay Chou 周杰伦 have arrived in KL (2nd May 2011) to film the latest hit Chinese action movie, Against War. Make sure you catch them in various locations around KL namely Jalan Ampang, Jalan Parlimen, and Jalan Raja Chulan in the next few days. 

Against War is directed by Dante Lam, while the 2 mentioned actors - Nicholas Tse and Jay Chou will travel around Jordan, Vietnam, and of course Kuala Lumpur to rescue a Chinese officer played by Bai Bing

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deadmau5 Live In Malaysia 2011 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

Deadmau5 Live In Malaysia 2011 @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach

One of the most demanding house music DJ in the world, Deadmau5 aka Joel Thomas Zimmerman from Canada is performing for the 1st time in Malaysia @ Surf Beach Sunway Lagoon on 7th May 2011. Also for the 1st time, Ministry of Sound, Euphoria is going outdoor for this full outdoor LED concert in Malaysia.
Ticket prices into Deadmau5 Live in Malaysia - Full LED Concert

Expect the opening sets by Patrick Oliver, TV Rock and le to groove up the Surf Beach for some extra kick before the concert starts. A quick one - Deadmau5 is actually pronounced as DeadMouse =) Sunway Hotel Resort is offering special room package for this event. More info @ and purchase your tickets here @

Topman X Junk By Demand Present HURTS Live in Malaysia 2011

Topman X Junk By Demand Present HURTS Live in Malaysia 2011

HURTS - Manchester duo of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson is performing in Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of May 2011 @ Mist Club, Bangsar. Songs like Better Than Love, Stay, and Blood Tears and Gold have been playing on the airwaves in Europe and they are planning to take over Asia soon !! Tickets prices to HURTS live in Malaysia 2011 are as below.

Make sure you reach there on time to catch your idol k !! HURTS Live in Malaysia 2011 is brought to you by TOPMAN, Junk By Demand and AirAsia RedTix.