Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ever Tried Blending Your iPhone Into Dust ?

Please don't try blending your new iPhone 3G !

I am very sure that you will not do that to your iPhone 3G ! Why not, we leave it to the expert and see what's the result kay ? Watch the video below for the Before and After result. WARNING !!--If you are a true iPhone fan, please dont watch this heart wrecking video k ? 

iSmoke ? lolx !! Wondering if that guy is selling the  iPhone 3G dust in Ebay
My heart really got blended. OMG ! a $299 iPhone gone in few seconds just like that !

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Through My Window Ft. Dafi, Mila and Akim of Akademi Fantasia

AF's Dafi. Mila and Akim singing Through My Window !!

The mysterious song of Through My Window has been playing in radio stations and television advertisement. The band that got revealed was Bunkface. And now, Akademi Fantasia's graduates are itching to jump on board to promote the banner concert under and comprises of Mila (Noorsyarmilla Jirin), Dafi (Gadaffi Ismail Sabri), and Akim (Afiq Hakim Ahmad)

The Through My Window online banner concerts feature performances inside a banner space, along with a contest for budding musicians. The performers with the best renditions of Through My Window win the chance to perform live at the Everyone Connects event in Jalan Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 21.

Here's the video of Through My Window featuring Dafi, Mila and Akim of Akademi Fantasia.

How's the video ? Something fresh, not too rock and quite pleasing to the ears huh ? If you have your own rendition/mash-up of Through My Window, head over to Every Connects website. Proudly brought to you by TM

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Have You Tried Baked Eggs in Bacon Baskets ?

Baked Eggs in Bacon Basket - Something new, Something tasty

This is such a nice idea for breakfast/brunch. It is so simple as the eggs in baskets stays warm, unlike scrambled eggs which always seem to get cold when left on the plate.

There are many variations of this recipe on the blogosphere. I've tried it and find that this method worked best. I made them 2 ways, some scrambled with cheese, and others just baked with a soft center cause I couldn't decide which way we liked them best.

Lightly brush the cup muffin tin tray with margarine or place a nicely cut parchment paper to put them in place . To avoid egg or bacon sticking on the tray.

Lightly cook strips of bacon (or how ever many baskets you are making). DO NOT cook the bacon till crisp, but just enough to get rid of some of the grease. A few seconds on each side. Drain on paper towels.

Coil your bacon slices around the wells of the muffin tin. Crack an egg and pour into the well. Sprinkle with salt and pepper for flavor.

You can also whisk your eggs together and add some cheese, like a quiche, and pour this mixture into the bacon baskets. (2nd version)

I baked them 375 degrees for 10 minutes for a runny center (to soak up with toast), or 12 minutes for the scrambled and cheese version.

Use a spoon to remove the baskets and  ! They are so pretty and better than the usual bacon and eggs.
Voila ! Your breakfast is ready in less than 20mins. Served best with bread toast and a cup of coffee. Perfect for breakfast or brunch.

Astro Boy The Movie Got C+ rating !

Astro Boy, The Movie got bad reviews. Sad

Astro Boy, one of the iconic Japanese anime that has gotten a Hollywood makeover recently got a C+ rating from the movie reviewers of E!. It was published on their website and here's the full review of the movie.

Astro Boy begins with a shocker that belies the flippant tone which follows: A scientist's young son (Freddie Highmore) is obliterated in a nuclear flash by a heavily armed war-bot. Said scientist, Dr. Tenma, who has the hair and soul patch of a hipster and the voice of Nicolas Cage, decides to put things right by making a robot boy who has all the memories of his son.

But memories aren't all that make the man. When the new kid turns out to have a supercharged intellect—not to mention the ability to fly and turn his arms into giant cannonsTenma realizes that the robot, who will ultimately name himself Astro, is not a perfect replacement (why he didn't think of this when installing the rocket-launchers into the boy's body is beyond us; some folks just grieve in odd ways, it seems). However, more is at stake here than father-son relations.

Astro is powered by a glowing blue ball of positive energy; a counterpart to the glowing red ball of negative energy at the heart of the war-bot who killed his organic predecessor. Greedy, militaristic President Stone (Donald Sutherland), who is amusingly running for reelection on a platform of no change, wants both balls (pun probably intended), sensing that the only way to revive his sagging popularity is to start a new war.

In evading the army, Astro winds up leaving the idyllic levitating mountain city on which he and all the wealthy folks live, plummeting to the planetary surface that is covered, Idiocracy-style, in mountains of robotic debris. Here in the wilderness, he will of course find new friends and figure out his destiny.

Imagi studios previously showed great skill with cinematic action sequences in their TMNT adaptation, and the action moments are equally impressive here, lending just the right amount of dizziness to the aerial battles between Astro and his various pursuers.

Unfortunately, the rest of the movie doesn't quite tonally mesh, with the horror of the son's death and the implications of Stone's genocidal plans given equal weight to such distractions as a wacky trio of radical robot liberationists or a goofy circus director voiced by Nathan Lane; a comparison to the robot carnival in A.I. is instructive on how better to balance the comedic and the dark.

But then, Hollywood's attempts to do the anime style never seem to get it, as previous misfired like Titan A.E. can attest. That Astro Boy gets at least some of the elements right could be seen as some kind of triumph—just not enough of one to induce us to recommend it.

If you were disappointed by the review, revive your excitement by watching Astro Boy, The Movie trailer here.

Astro Boy, The Movie is scheduled to be released on 19 November 2009 in all major cinemas in Malaysia.  

Monday, October 26, 2009

Dell Inspiron 13 - Review

The latest Dell Inspiron 13 is available now for you

Was flipping through The Star newspaper just now and saw a Dell brochure attached to it. I was taken by surprise to see how much Dell has updated and improvised their laptop and desktop line. Everything was looking so nice and tempting. But most importantly, the aesthetics and performance are on par with the price-point which in turn equals to an affordable deal ! What caught my attention most is their latest laptop, the Dell Inspiron 13.

Since I'm a Dell laptop user myself (Dell Inspiron 14 which I bought Jan last year to be exact), I felt that Dell's machine has never left me down. Paired with top notch services and reliable after sales support, its no doubt that Dell has always been on top of their game.

I was so curious about the latest Dell Inspiron 13 and that lead me to browse the Net for more details. True to its name,- Slim, lightweight and portable, the Dell Inspiron 13 is designed with touches that exude contemporary appeal.

Dell Inspiron 13 - Sexy and Sleek Laptop

Physically wise, it is very thin measuring only 322mm in width,while 27mm front /31mm back in height and has a depth of 218mm. Certainly very portable and mind you its a 13 inch laptop. Therefore, you will be able to slot into your bag or just lugging around in the grasp of your hand easily. It comes in 3 colors which are the Alpine WhiteObsidian Black and Cherry Red to suit your taste.

Dell Inspiron 13 comes in a 13.3” 16:9 WLED HD panel with native 720p resolution in Dell TrueLife display to produce the most vivid and true life experience of Hi-Def viewing. Built together with WiFi capabilities and Bluetooth connectionbrowsing the Net and sharing files has never been so fun and easy !

Performance wise, it is equipped with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor for multitasking at full speed without the feel of sluggishness. Bundled with latest operating system, the Windows 7 of 64-bits system (yes,you did not read wrongly nor typo), this laptop is definitely a performance powerhouse !

Starting from RM2299, this power packed laptop is definitely a bargain !The best part of all, Dell allows you to freely pick and match your desired specifications whereby you can do it from the luxury of your home or working area 24/7, 365 days !!

This makes the Dell Inspiron 13a perfect balance in an unbalanced world..
Drooling over it already ? You can always surf their website for more info. DELL, Yours Is Here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Perodua 1.3 Myvi Exclusive Edition - Review

The Limited Edition Perodua 1.3 Myvi Exclusive Edition

Perodua had launched a refreshed variant to the their Myvi production. Dubbed the Perodua 1.3 Myvi Exclusive Edition offers several refinement to the interior and exterior. Very limited models available for booking now at every Perodua showrooms.

The new Myvi sports 14-inch alloy rims, side skirting and chrome door handles as you can in the picture above you. Nothing much done to the boot area though.

Chrome inner handles combined with leather clad seats, door trim and steering wheel that gives this variant an exclusive touch.

A built-in 2-DIN player with CD player,MP3/WMA, Universal Serial Bus (USB) is available and a Bluetooth features allows mobile hands free usage.

Only 5000 units are be built to live up to its expectation, The Exclusive Edition ! Currently, this variant only comes in automatic transmission and 3 colours to choose from - Ebony Black, Ivory White and Medallion Grey. On the road price for this Perodua 1.3 Myvi Exclusive Edition are RM51000 (solid) and RM51500 (metallic). Login into their website for more info.
Still remember the remarks Jeremy Clarkson made in Top Gear on Perodua Myvi ? Watch the video here

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Simple Tips by Streamyx

tmnet streamyx

TMNet Streamyx, the Internet Service Provider you hate to love or love to hate. Whichever side you are in, it is by far still one of the very reliable broadband provider in the country. Do you ever got frustrated with Streamyx always getting disconnected ? or DSL lights blinking non-stop ? Well, save the hassle of calling TM by following a few simple tips. After all, they will too ask you to do same as below.

  1. Make sure your telephone (square head),LAN (rectangle head) and electric cables are in good condition. 
  2. Check the "head" on both sides of the telephone and LAN cable. If you see those copper chipping off, replace with a new one.
  3. Push those cables in their respective places - telephone cable (from the telephone slot to splitter and modem) - LAN cable (modem/router to PC/laptop) till you hear a loud "click" sound. Not too hard but once you hear the sound, it's sufficient enough.
  4. Check the splitter if its malfunction. Test it by connecting straight to the modem itself or connecting telephone cable to the splitter. If you still see blinking DSL lights in the latter step, its time to change the splitter.
  5. Make sure everything is properly configured from the modem/router to your PC. I assumed this step should not be a problem for anyone who has been connecting to Streamyx.
  6. Most important advise to follow - Always unplug telephone cables and electric appliances from the power source after every use or especially during thunderstorms. You wouldn't want your motherboard or modem to get fried !
  7. If your problem still cant be solved, its time to call TM at 100 from your land line telephone. Most likely is the cabling stuffs or temporary disruption around your area.

Hopefully with these solutions, you might be able to surf the internet better, provided by Streamyx

Yeah, I know some of you might disagree with me but take a look at the current proliferation of on-the-air wireless broadband like P1 Wimax and Digi Broadband. They are equally as great but very prone to disruption caused by radio waves and worst still performance tends to drop during rainy days

Still early days perhaps? Hopefully we will get to see more broadband battle, so we end-consumers can have more choices to choose from. And to all ISPs please improve your Internet physical infrastructures if you want to compete with other nations in terms of technology and Internet standards.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to your luck, if your area is close to the base station of any ISP, then you will get the best surfing experience ever regardless of whether its by Streamyx or P1 Wimax.
Has been getting buffered ads from Streamyx but only during night time, hopefully Nuffnang or TM can broadcast their ads here in this blog 24/7 !

The New 13-inch MacBook 2009 Review

Latest 13-inch MacBook by Apple

Apple had just launched their latest MacBook or I should rephrased it as a bumped up MacBook with some changes to the build. Utilizing the unibody contruction of a MacBook Pro, it is very inevitable that Apple had focused it in all their latest MacBook line. Currently available on Apple Store.

To illustrate just how good the internals are on the MacBook, just compare them to the current base 13-inch MacBook Pro. Both have a 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo with a 3MB L2 cache, a 1066 MHz frontside bus and a 2GB DDR3 default RAM. They also have a really similar LED backlit display, which eliminates the problem of narrowed viewing angles that docked the first generation unibody MacBooks for, and both now have the same contrast ratio. The only difference is that the Pro has a 60% greater color gamut.

Yups, thinner MacBook with rounded edge. Looking cool huh ! It's an immediately more appealing shape than the previous generation of white MacBooks, marking the end of the transition of Apple laptops to unibody construction.

The best part, all latest MacBook with get the same glass Multi Touch trackpad that is built in the current MacBook Pro. In general the lastest is a more solid built and more "Pro" than ever before altough despite the material being used are polycarbonate instead of aluminium.

Here's the comparison chart that you have been waiting for. Worth or not worth getting one ? Let's do a comparison with some current and this year's model

 The Higher, The Better !

The Longer, The Better !
Final verdict ?  the latest MacBook does performs well if not better or on par with the current MacBook Pro.  Plus battery life is significantly longer due to the new body work and internal optimizations made by Apple which is said to last at least 4 hours 20 mins on full charge with WiFi turned on, keypad backlight on low setting and played  HD video contents continuously.

If you looking for a MacBook, look no further as the latest one has the same specs as the low-end MacBook Pro,while inheriting some awesome features from their "Pro" siblings. Price is RM3599 and only 13-inch model is sold currently. Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 comes bundled with it.
Craving for one already ? You can visit Apple Store (Malaysia) website or any Machines or Epicentre outlets near you !

Nike+ Human Race 10K

Nike+ Human Race 10K of Singapore

On 10.24.2009, join runners from around the world and run the Nike+ Human Race 10K. To run using Nike+, you must be a Nike+ member and then register for the 2009 Nike+ Human Race .

Be sure you have the Nike+ gear you need so you can start tracking and syncing your runs to your Nike+ account. Get race-ready by choosing from one of 10K Nike+ Coach training programs for all levels of runners. Or if challenges are more your thing, you can challenge your friends to a little friendly competition.

What should you do on race day?
On 10.24.2009, run your 10K anytime during the day then sync your run to qualify for your Nike+ Human Race bragging rights.

Get started by taking a few simple steps before race day.

Get the Gear
Nike+ helps you track your runs. Nike+ Sportsband or iPod Nano with Nike+ technology and a pair of Nike+ sport shoes recommended

Sync Your Runs
Sync and Track your progress using your Nike+ equipments.

More info and registration here. Nike+ website
Hurry up get your Nike+ gear at the nearest Nike stores 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yap Wen Ji Sues Amber Chia For Defamation

Amber Chia got sued by Yap Wen-Ji..How sad

Will the feud between Amber Chia and Yap Wen-Ji on The Malaysia Ford Supermodel Search ever ends ? Not quite sure for now but it seems this case might get dragged for a very very long period. So yeah, below is the article from New Straits Times published on Tuesday, 20th October regarding on Yap Wen Ji filing a suit of defamation against Amber Chia.

KUALA LUMPUR: Model-cum-actress Amber Chia faces a suit from her one-time business partner Yap Wen-Ji.

Yap, who created and produced the model search series Malaysia's Supermodel Search, yesterday filed a suit for defamation against Chia at the High Court here.

Represented by her lawyer, Kenneth Tan Chik Wai, Yap is suing Chia in relation to statements she made in the Sin Chew Daily newspaper on Oct 6.

She has also named Sin Chew Corporation and the newspaper's editor-in-chief Pook Ah Lek as defendants.

She is seeking general damages of RM10 million, aggravated damages of RM5 million, interest, an injunction restraining Chia, Sin Chew Corporation and Pook from further publishing defamatory statements, and an order that Chia retracts her statements and apologises within five days.

Tan said the newspaper published an article on Oct 6 which stated that Chia was allegedly cheated by her business partner.

Yap claimed that her reputation had been severely damaged and the article had resulted in sponsors withdrawing from the show.

Since we are already on board for this saga, more juicy news coming up soon..

*November update* 

Registration and Audition of Ford Models Supermodel of the World Malaysia 2009

Feeling the heat already ? Why not rush to the nearest Nyonya Colors outlet in 1Utama or Midvalley for a bowl of Ice Cold Cendol ?

Through My Window + = TM latest Campaign

TM + Bunkface = Through My Window

At last, everything was revealed today, 23rd October at 8pm. After looking into the website again, it has actually got revamped and added more information. Orange colour background, a song that was quite Malaysian-ish and 1Malaysia. How could we ignore such minor details ? well, it was actually TM's latest campaign. Awesome way to promote yah ? Who are the singers or band of Through My Window ? It's Bunkface !! FTW.

As I had posted up in my post earlier, the message,"Open For Collaboration" on a package with a CD of Through My Window single was sent to major radio stations. It couldn't be an oversea artiste doing that and if yes, we could had known the identity of them from the Internet in the first place itself. It even got to an extend of asking Ryan Seacrest to recognize the artist. TM had done a great job in grabbing our attention in mass media and even on Twitter and Facebook !!.

But this was so different, being kept anonymous for the past 3 days and the same song was playing without revealing the identity of the band or artiste. This is what the website had written on their ABOUT US page.

WE'RE ABOUT COLLABORATIONS. We're about bringing people together. And rallying them behind an idea. And building on each other's strengths to ultimately make the idea bigger than we ever imagined. CONNECTIONS MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE.

TODAY IT'S ABOUT A SONG. TOMORROW IT CAN BE ANYTHING. Preparations for an exam. Relationships. An invention. A business presentation. A party. Anything you can imagine. CONNECTIONS MAKE ANYTHING POSSIBLE.

Pretty catchy huh ? Well apparently from the website, you can do a mash-up of the song Through My Window with your own songs in a specially created sound editor. Apart from that, you too can download the single itself in the form of MP3 and Ringtone. Well done, TM !

Here's the snippet of the TV commercial aka Music Video of Through My Window by TM.

Cant wait for the Full Length copy !! Login to the website for more details

In case you does not have a clue of what is happening now, here's the link of my previous post on Through My Window.
Now there's me and you, we are not alone. you and me , we are together now - Through My Window - Bunkface

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Movie Review - Surrogates

Surrogates featuring lead actor, Bruce Willis

Got to watch a movie after some hectic weeks,FINALLY..Yeah, I know its like kinda late for a movie review right ? Try not to write more as I guess most of you, movie goers had watched it already anyway. Starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell, this is one hell of an action packed kick ass movie and some super high tech stuffs that make you drool !! To give you some clue, Surrogates is synonymous with Substitute.

So, what is it all about ? Try to imagine this - Put together these movies into an equation okay?

I-Robot + Terminator + Matrix + Wall- E + Barbie Doll ?? = Surrogates !!

Basically this movie is centered around Surrogates aka Substitutes that will sooner or later taking over human's life. To make those Surrogates work, there must be an operator (real human) to handle it. Yeah, its like a VR video game but you are using your own mind to control the machine from your room. Cool huh ?

The best stuff is you can choose the gender of your Surrogate and remodel it to your likings.Playing God perhaps? You can choose to be either Megan Fox or Gerard Butler or even President Obama. AWESOME right ?

In the movie, it is said that using Surrogates cut down crime rates and racism drastically. And of course with that convenience there must be some smart ass trying to destroy it. Yups, you guessed it right, the humans who are the Surrogate-Haters lead by a giant black african, The Prophet !!

Agent Greers (Bruce Willis) and Agent Peters (Radha Mitchell) were investigating on a weapon that killed 2 Surrogates mysteriously as this in turn killed their operators too. This plot thickens up till the extend of Bruce Willis almost got killed and he had decided not to use a Surrogate any more.

And of course, Surrogate is just too perfect to be destroyed and nothing else better to do, the creator himself is the culprit behind the weapon planned a mass destruction to wipe off all Surrogates that was once his proud creations. Yes, the hero saves the day for mankind. Thank you, Uncle Bruce.

There were some funny moments in the movie that I find it very humorous

  • Surrogates must be charged at a charging chamber. Reminisce of a mobile phone and iPod.FTW !
  • If you are pissed off at a person during conversation, can just go offline and yeah, Surrogate itself goes on standby mood. I think that's so damn COOL !
  • Surrogates bleed in green lubricants not even red in color nor battery water.
  • Surrogate's brain is a thick memory card.
  • "Humans Only" area for the Surrogate-Haters community which looked like a third world country. Reminisce of "District 9" too because of that tagline.
  • Surrogates goes for plastic surgery aka "changing rubber"of the face
  • Surrogates had this "shocking device" that make them highOMG !
Why did I mention Barbie Doll at the beginning ? Because those Surrogates really looked so darn perfect from their figure and feature. Even Bruce Willis looking so damn young and plasticky in the movie.
Next stop - Jennifer's Body on 29th October 2009I HEART MEGAN FOX