Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hot Sarah Lian as MYEG's "Internet Ah Moi" !!

Hot Sarah Lian's as MYEG's "Internet Ah Moi" 

Was watching ESPN's SportsCenter few days back and saw this latest MYEG infomercial. And to my surprise, it was Sarah Lian acting as an Ah Moi, speaking in Chinese slang !! OMG !! Sarah Lian *faint faint* Apparently, her latest ad is creating buzz around the town.

Sarah Lian as the Internet Ah Moi

Sarah Lian was cast in  as the Internet Ah Moi, who is an enterprising young lady who run a business offering government transaction services, aided by, Malaysia's eGovt service portal and was constantly bug by a Malay dude. Damn farny I tell ya !!

Watch the video of Sarah Lian, the Internet Ah Moi of MYEG here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Selina Jen 任家萱 of S.H.E Needs Skin Transplant !!

Selina Jen 任家萱 of S.H.E Need Skin Transplant !!

Many of you might had heard one of S.H.E member, Selina Jen 任家萱 is  suffering from multiple burns on her skin after injuring herself in an explosion during a film shooting. Apparently the superstar had returned to Taipei and apparently needed a skin transplant !! 

Selina, whose actual name is Jen Jia-shuan,任家萱  is a member of Taiwan's pop group, S.H.E. She was filming in Shanghai alone without her partners Hebe and Ella in the pop group.

She suffered third-degree burns to her back, hands and legs in the accident that took place on Friday. She was immediately admitted to a hospital in Shanghai, said her agent.

8TV Shout! Awards Is Back for 2010 !! *UPDATED*

2010 8TV Shout! Awards, 20th November 2010 @ Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil !!

8TV Shout Awards is back for the second consecutive season !! Expect more and more local artist being recognized for their hard work in the Malaysian entertainment industry ranging from music, TV and radio genres. I can still fondly remember how I had gotten the exclusive tickets from Sarah Lian last year =)

2010 8TV Shout Awards will be held at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil on the November 20th and also if you cant watch it at the stadium, it is live broadcast on TV, so you wont miss a chance  !! Toget more info, you can join the Shout Awards Facebook page @

Subsequently, you can vote for your best artist for a total of 16 awards on the 2010 Shout Awards night @

The 2010 Shout! Awards is ignited by Celcom’s Xpax and is brought to you exclusively by 8TV.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cyndi Wang 王心凌 Did A Topless Photoshoot !!

Cyndi Wang 王心凌 Did A Topless Photoshoot !!

Cyndi Wang 王心凌 had finally did the unimaginable, posing topless in a photoshoot !! Although not completely nude, Cyndi Wang is willing to do it not for money but to raise awareness for a cancer foundation.

In the photo, Cyndi faced front to the camera and exposed her upper body with chest covered with her arms. Her manager explained the zipper on the waist: "Because many cancer patients had surgery scar on their bodies, so the photographer decided to express the idea with a zipper."

Cyndi's grandpa passed away because of liver cancer and been through many troubles during his living days. So Cyndi accepted the invitation of posing half-nude from the cancer foundation. This photo was sold with $10 thousand USD.

Uniqlo Malaysia Opening on 4th November 2010 @ Fahrenheit 88 !!

Uniqlo Malaysia Opening on 4th November 2010 @ Fahrenheit 88 !!

The wait is finally over as Uniqlo Malaysia is opening for business on the 4th November 2010 @ Fahrenheit 88 !! There will be plenty of latest and exciting fashion trend specially designed from Japan are made available to you at very affordable prices !!

Try to make time for the Uniqlo Malaysia launch on the 4th November 2010 from 10am onwards to stand a chance for the promotional items such as.

- Be the first 500 hundred people to queue during the store opening and stand a chance to win five ‘All-Expense-Paid’ trips to Tokyo for two!
- First 1000 in line at the store opening will also be receiving a free UNIQLO original tote bag!
- UNIQLO Malaysia will offer incredibly low introductory price for the following items. Only available while stocks last:
UNIQLO’s graphic T-Shirt collection. UT for only RM29.90 (usual price – RM59.90)
UNIQLO’s high-quality jeans collection. UJ for only RM49.90 (usual price – RM99.90)
UNIQLO’s Autumn/Winter 2010 Fleece jackets for only RM49.90 (usual price – RM79.90)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

ZoukOut Singapore 2010 @ Siloso Beach, 11th December !!

Singtel presents ZoukOut 2010 - A Dance Music Festival

ZoukOut is back once again for its 10th consecutive year and expect more and top artists like Dj Tiesto and David Guetta to strut their music to your ears !! Expect fireworks displays and awesome dance music in the Sentosa Siloso Beach on the December 11th.

Details of the Zoukout / ZoukFest Singapore are as follows

When: Dec 11 (Sat), 8pm to 8am
Where: Siloso Beach, Sentosa
Admission: Ticket sales and pricing from Oct 22 at Zouk and Sistic - $68, $78, $88 more..
Organized by: Zouk Club, Singapore

More ticketing info, pricings and maps to Siloso Beach here @

Maria Sharapova Is Engaged To Sasha Vujacic

Maria Shapova is Marrying Sasha Vujacic of La Lakers !!

Guys, I'm sure this is a bad news to you all !! Our tennis pin-up girl, Maria Sharapova is engaged to LA Lakers forward, Sasha Vujacic !! The 23-years-old Russian beauty is to married her Slovenian beau and break many of our hearts !! No date has been set for their marriage but do prepare for a big one !! Heartfelt congrats to both of them..

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sid's Beer Fest 2010 Is Happening Now !!

"Sid's BeerFest 2010" at Sid's Pub @ Bukit Tunku

"Sid's BeerFest 2010" is happening now at Sid's Pub @ Bukit Tunku there will be one of KL's largest beer festivals with six different draughts on offer PLUS an additional 27 different bottled beers, lagers, and ciders from around the world all at incredibly low prices also in conjuction with Octoberfest 2010 !!

Tiger, Heineken & Guinness @ RM5 nett
Kilkenny, Strongbow & Paulaner @ RM10 nett

Bottled beers from RM10 nett upwards

Sid's Smoked Pork or Chicken Sausages @ RM10 nett

Proton Inspira P-390A Mini Review *UPDATE*

Proton Inspira Is Launching Officially on November 10 !!

Proton Inspira,codename P-390Are badged of the famous Mitsubishi Lancer is now open for pre-booking at Proton Showrooms before its official launch on Nov 10. Featuring a sleek body and a bevy of new and additional features, we can foresee it to be a top car among the Malaysian drivers. Starting from as low as RM80,000 for a 1.8 litre manual model, this is definitely a must-buy-value-for-money-car !!

Sneek Peak at the new Proton Inspira !!

The new Proton Inspira is positioned as a high C-segment/low D-segment vehicle and will be tentatively priced from RM79,888 to RM95,000. It come with 2 variants, a 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre CVT and INVECS-III engine which apparently either one variant is enough to give the needed ooomph !!

Side view of the new Proton Inspira

Among practical features customers stand to gain from include auto cruise, automatic light and rain sensors, welcome and coming home light system, fully automatic air conditioning system with climate control system for both front and rear occupants, and all round airbags for passengers' safety.

With a minimum booking fee of RM1,000, customers who book the Proton Inspira from today until Nov 15 will get a free two-year service or first 50,000km. The service package includes free labor charges and service parts worth RM1,658 in total for the car that will be launched on Nov 10.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Moshi Moshi !! Air Asia Is Flying to Tokyo,Japan !!

Moshi Moshi !! Air Asia Is Flying to Toky, Japan !!

The title says it all. Our beloved low cost, no frills airline,Air Asia has just launched the latest route to Japan !! Yups, which means, now you can fly to the Land of The Rising Sun , Japan with Air Asia !! Book now and all flights to Japan will commence on Dec 9

Hitz.FM Boys Music Video and Lyrics *UPDATED*

Hitz.FM Boys Music Video and Lyrics - Parody of California Girls !! finally released the music video of their latest and 5th music parody "Hitz.FM Boys". You can watch the video here plus sing along to the tune with the lyrics below..Enjoy !! Hitz.FM Boys rocks !!

Ok,JJ, We gonna start this parody with you,singing in tune ok? Please..
Ok, I~ I~ I~
OK That's the one!
OK, I got it! I got? it! EHem~~ I~ ( Alamak!)

I know this dude
Who's real life is a rock star (that's right baby)
Rocks hard and wild, On stage he's marabahaya
The truth about Moots (ah what?)
He is a sensitive fella (eh why u say like that la)
He whines and he cries
when u, talk about his weight la (but i been going to the gym what)
Adam C is a gi-irl (hey)
He dresses well, metrosexuaal
Talks about footbaaall (that's a guy thing)
Favourite phrase is (hi eannn~!) boyz we think we're comical
Average Joe(s) we don't wear tank top
Try to sing this good but it's impossible (oh Oooooh oh oooooh ) boyz, we're unpredictable
We all dudes but natalie is not
She's so hot i want to take her clothes (!@#$%^&) (oh Oooooh oh oooooh )

Jin, he's not real (what!!)
I'm pretty sure that he's an alien, oh yes
I mean his hair whats the deal (good..)
In Star Trek he look like a Klingon robot (I'll kill u)
He can dance to a world, form a alien race called "I Don't Make Sense" (don't tell any one hah!)
when he talk on his show he sound like ( play u all the hitz, jin on the hitz party)
do you understand that ?? cause I didnt understand (that's french) (that's why) boyz we think we're comical
Average Joe(s) we don't wear tank top
try to sing this good but it's impossible (oh Oooooh oh oooooh ) boyz we're unpredictable
we're all dudes but natalie is not
she's so hot i want to take her clothes (!@#$%^&) (oh Oooooh oh oooooh )

Short, tall, and pretty ugly dont turn it off cause you are not that funny
my, my these hitz boyz sure the little guys u like the most
i mean like Moots i mean like Adam, Jin, Uno Jj and Ean
uh, these boys are creep summer gig sounds like 'cengkerik'
they are not okay hey don't say
i think they (tut) got a crash on play one girl and the hitz boys
come on now and make some noise..

How dare u do a parody of my song (ho..katy perry where you come from)
Oh um we are sorry we don't know you get mad (yeah~!ah arrhh..ummm~!..)
I'm kidding go nuts (hahaha)
haha!..(hahaha) she try to gotcha us man,(funny!! funny!!)
u want us to go nuts, we going to go nuts !!
we'll show you nuts come on everyone let's sing
wow..(wooi gila!) boyz we think we're comical
average Joe(s) we don't wear tank top
try to sing this good but it's impossible (oh Oooooh oh oooooh ) boyz we're unpredictable
we're all dudes but natalie is not
she's so hot i want to take her clothes (!@#$%^&)
(oh Oooooh oh oooooh )

oh,yeah!..that's our 5th parody yeah!
what!..say some thing la! (hahaha)
dude dont leave me alone like that..aiyo!..try to be style
dude go hang out with the walnut and the peanut, you are nut! bye!
Ooh!..really oh! brought in the mix nut to the studio again.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SBdude Is Emo To Da Max !!

The mind is mixed with bright and dark "colors"

I guess this is the 1st emo post ever. I hate to type it down and YES ! I'm officially feeling out of the mood, damn freaking emo since coming back from a trip.

I cant seem to elaborate the mixed feelings in words nor an opening or someone to vent it out to. I bet my besties and colleagues might see it as work stress (cos I eff-ing lied to them! I'm sorry ppl) but to me, I know myself best.

That's me in middle mixing with many expressions

Picking up the pieces and moving forward are the best options for now.

I hate this part but I got to do it..

Be Strong, SBdude !!

Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia !! October 14th 2010

Adam Lambert Tour Live In Malaysia 2010 October 14th Brought to You by DiGi!!

American Idol fame,Adam Lambert is finally making a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for his debut concert, Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia on the 14th October, Putra Indoor Stadium Bukit Jalil.
Adam Lambert Live in Malaysia 2010 Seating Plan

Ticket price starts from RM103, RM153, RM203 and RM253 for numbered seats; and RM193 for Rock Zone (free standing) and RM298 for The Pitt (free standing). All tickets are inclusive of RM3 for ticketing fees.

You can win some tickets to Adam Lambert's Live in Malaysia concert by tuning into Red FM

Or get more info from the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Live in Malaysia 2010 official Facebook page.