Monday, November 30, 2009

SportsCenter Malaysia Debuts In Bahasa Malaysia Tonight !!

ESPN Star SportsCenter Malaysia Debuting In Bahasa Malaysia 

Malaysian sports fans can now look forward to catching SportsCenter Malaysia in Bahasa Malaysia when the popular flagship sports news programme from ESPN STAR Sports debuts at 10.30pm today.

Hosted by SportsCenter Malaysia host Lisa Wong and Reem Shahwa, presenter of STAR Sports’ Score Tonight, the edition in Bahasa Malaysia will deliver the best international and local sports in the fine tradition of the iconic sports show.

With a focus on the latest news from the local sporting scene, viewers in Malaysia can expect to see more of their national sporting heroes every weeknight on ESPN in addition to getting a comprehensive coverage of international sports in Bahasa Malaysia.

Alex Yoong and Jeevan for SportsCenter Malaysia

SportsCenter Malaysia was launched in April 2007 in English and it continues to be a favourite among Malaysian sports fans, garnering a strong following and record viewership.

“We remain committed to bringing the best sports content in the most relevant and engaging manner to Malaysian viewers,” ESPN STAR Sports managing director Manu Sawhney said.

“The Bahasa Malaysia edition of SportsCenter Malaysia is a testament of our commitment to deliver the best international and local sports content to fans, customised to meet their needs and in their preferred language.

“With the vibrant sports scene and the strong following of sports in Malaysia, this edition will bring sports closer to fans like never before in Malaysia.”

Sunday, November 29, 2009

FREE Streamyx Speed Upgrade 2009 Promotion !!

Streamyx Super Upgrade Deals

 Is your Streamyx broadband getting a tad slow for your liking because you want to watch HD quality videos on You Tube without any glitches and hoping to have lightning speed of downloads? If yes, then TMNet's latest deal is the right one for you. With only as low as RM5 per month, you can upgrade the current Streamyx speed to as high as 4Mbps. The best part is you get FREE speed upgrade for 1st 4 months !!

Some exciting  Streamyx Super Upgrade Deals worth considering below, they are seriously affordable !!

Deals For Existing Streamyx Combo Packages User

Deals For Existing Streamyx Standard Packages User

Frequently Asked Question On This Awesome Streamyx Deal

Terms and Conditions
  1. Promotion valid until 31 December 2009 and applicable for UPGRADE application only.
  2. This promotion is only applicable for existing  Streamyx customers who have served a minimum period of 1 year
  3. The minimum subscription period of 24 MONTHS will be applicable upon successful application to the new speed.
  4. Promotion is only applicable for customers subscribing to unlimited hours packages.
  5. For customers subscribing to lower speed packages (384kbps or 512kbps), only lateral speed upgrade are allowed.( E.g. Streamyx Standard packages with modem to Streamyx Standard packages with modem, Streamyx Combo to Streamyx Combo, Wifi@Home to Wifi@Home)
  6. For upgrading to 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps, the new package is with modem.
  7. No new modem will be given to customers upgrading to 512 kbps or 1 Mbps.
  8. Upgrading to 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps is subject to availability and technical testing.
  9. Promotion is not applicable for existing Broadband PC and Home, Hop & Away customers who are still bound to the existing contract.
  10. Application for the speed upgrade to 512 kbps or 1 Mbps  can be made via Online or at any TMpoint
  11. Application for the speed upgrade to 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps will be available at TMpoint only.
  12. Customers who have subscribed to Smart Savers plan are not eligible to enjoy this offer.
  13. If customer terminates Streamyx service within minimum subscription period of 24 months, an administrative fee of RM350 will be charged to customer’s bill.
  14. Streamyx Terms & Conditions apply.
Now you can surf without any glitches with a FREE Streamyx upgrade. Get it now !! Offer ends 31st December 2009.Jom Streamyx !!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Naza Kia Forte - Review

The Newly Launched Naza Kia Forte

Naza Kia has officially launched their prestigious Naza Kia Forte last week in  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dubbed as the replacement model their previous Naza Kia Spectra, this masterpiece has gone through multiple latest technological improvements on its interior and exterior.

The new Naza-Kia Forte comes in 1.6EX, 1.6SX and 2.0SX versions represents the new generation of Korean cars which will present a more serious challenge in what is arguably the most competitive market segment.

Buyers can choose from 6 colour choices. Two non-metallic (Clear White and Ebony Black) and four metallic (Bright Silver, Metal Bronze and Titanium Silver). There’s also a Spicy Red finish which is available only available with the Forte SX.

Two all-aluminium 4-cylinder petrol engine options are available for the Forte (which is assembled at the Naza plant in Kedah) and both have DOHC 16-valve cylinder heads with CVVT (continuously variable valve timing).

Naza Kia Forte's 16 Valve CVVT engine

The larger Forte uses Kia’s 2-litre Theta II engine has power output of 156 ps at 6200 rpm with 194.2 Nm at 4300 rpm. Kia claims that acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h is 9.3 seconds and there is a top speed capability of 200 km/h.

The other Forte has a 1.6-litre Gamma engine which produces 124 ps at 6300 rpm and peak torque of 156 Nm at 4200 rpm. This smaller engine is said to take a second longer to get to 100 km/h compared to the 2-litre version and has a top speed of 190 km/h.

And best of all, for the SX version, starting and stopping the engine is done with the push of a button, a feature that is rare in this segment. Awesome-ness !!

Interior of a Naza Kia Forte. Exudes elegant and classy feel

The centre stack is designed to appear to 'float’ above the dashboard and presents heating, ventilation, audio and auxiliary controls in logical horizontal bands, with detailing that gives a premium feel. The stack features 'Negative LCD’ illumination which brings a reddish glow to the cabin interior.

The EX version has a 4-speaker audio system while the SX versions have 6 speakers. Radio/CD players (in-dash 6CD Changer on the 2.0 SX) and mp3/iPod USB connectivity (SX Grades). Remote controls for the audio system are mounted on the steering wheel.

Active safety technologies for the Forte include (with the SX versions) Electronic Stability Control, several systems to boost braking performance and a system to help avoid contact with pedestrians and other vehicles when reversing (RPAS).

The Forte 2.0SX gets 6 airbags as standard, 2 more than the 1.6EX and 2.0SX. The 2.0SX has dual front side airbags and full-length side curtain airbags is linked to rollover sensors as well as impact sensors offering head protection to all occupants.

Another standard feature is 'active’ head restraints for both front seats. These move forward during a rear impact to minimise movement of the occupants heads and protect against whiplash injuries

PRICES (inclusive of insurance and roadtax in Peninsular MalaysiaForte 1.6EX – RM75,800 | Forte 1.6SX – RM81,800 | Forte 2.0SX – RM93,800. Visit Naza Kia website for more details.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gingerbread Man Recipe For Dummies

The Gingerbread Man !!

Yesh !! Christmas is around the corner..What comes into mind for most of you? Presents !! Xmas tress !! Snow !! and of course The Gingerbread Man !! And here, I'm gonna share with you a recipe of making gingerbread man so that you learn to bake it for your friends and family members. And hey, it is fairly easy and I'm very sure you will enjoy doing it alone or with your loved ones.

Overall Process
Preparation time = 25 mins
Baking time = 12 mins
Start to End time = 1 hour 40 mins

1 (3.5 ounce) package cook and serve butterscotch pudding mix
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons ground ginger
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

In a medium bowl, cream together the dry butterscotch pudding mix, butter, and brown sugar until smooth. Stir in the egg.

Combine the flour, baking soda, ginger, and cinnamon and stir into the pudding mixture. Cover, and chill dough until firm, about 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease baking sheets. On a floured board, roll dough out to about 1/8 inch thickness, and cut into man shapes using a cookie cutter. Place cookies 2 inches apart on the prepared baking sheets.

Bake for 10 to 12 minutes in the preheated oven, until cookies are golden at the edges. Cool on wire racks.

And of course, decorate the Gingerbread Man at will !! Merry Christmas everyone !! =)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swatch Automatic Chronograph - Review


As most of you might had already known about this latest offering from Swatch, it is the brand's first batch of automatic chronographs. Swatch had  launched their first automatic chronographs models on 15 October 2009 worldwide.

If you are not familiar with the term "automatic",it is actually running with no batteries attached as the movement of the clock are based on quantum movements from our wrist and of course, you need to wind the watch to generate "power" if the watch leave untouch for at least 1 day.

The new Swatch automation collection is composed of five distinct sporty wristwatches-Simple Pure, Sign In The Sky, Right Track, Blunge and Silver Class. With fashinable appearance and textured materials, this collection gives new interpretation of precise chronograph watches.

The launch of this multi-functional automatic watch collection marks Swatch’s another bold challenge to conservative watch market that has long dominated by high-end traditional watch brands.

The Swatch designers has combined reliable automatic functions and tasteful design styles on the new automatic watches. With steel bracelet it’s available for € 295 (or $380), with rubber or leather strap the price is € 285 (or $ 370).

The video below might convince you to get one..

Love at first sight !! The Swatch Automatic Chronograph would be the perfect Christmas gift from anyone cause I'm also an automatic watch fan myself. Hopefully Swatch would grant me this perfect wish !! =)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Everyone Connects Banner Concert In Bukit Bintang Was Awesome !!

Everyone Connects' T Shirt, Dummy Microphone, Bunkface Limited Edition CD and Bandana !!

Heard Our Song (Through My Window) ? Seen The Video ? Now Sing It !! Yupz, that was exactly the catchy phraseline that caught the people's attention for the mass sing along Everyone Connects Banner concert in Jalan Bukit Bintang on last Saturday, 21st November 2009. Local artistes such as Bunkface, Reshmonu, Suki and Tomok was there to hype up the crowd.

Its Bunkface in the middle yo !!

Over 5,000 party goers sang along to the catchy beat of Through My Window,a song that set the nation abuzz since its debut in what has been billed as the biggest “karaoke session” in Jalan Bukit Bintang.

The Everyone Connects Microphone Heads Giving Away Flyers and Freebies..

For the past 2 days, some of you might had notice some strange microphone heads walking around KL city handing out flyers, bandana and Bunkface's Limited Edition CD's. It was mainly for publisity purpose by Telekom Malaysia to engage interest from the public and it really worked !

Since Friday midnight, the Jalan Bukit Bintang stretch along Maybank to KFC was closed to make way for what it billed as one of the biggest mass sing along session the next day. The event started as early as 10am with eagerly fans was treated to some face paintings, online game competition and of course a Through My Window booth where they can sing along to the tune and got their videos recorded.

Hitz.FM Morning Crew, JJ and Ean !!

The event was hosted by JJ and Ean of the Hitz.FM's Morning Crew and to get the public in the mood, they were seen throwing away freebies such as Everyone Connects T-Shirts and Bunkface's CD to the crowd. The theme song, Through My Window song was performed by local band Bunkface to an energetic crowd who rocked along complete with dummy microphones despite the rain.

Bunkface's Sam can be seen from the gigantic screen too !

The whole idea for the Through My Window campaign was to engage the public in the digital lifestyle as it combines both old and new media to enable the public to experience this lifestyle. Telekom Malaysia also regards its customers as ‘collaborators’ who are the real force behind the company.

Here's the video to show you how great the reception for this Everyone Connects Concert was, awesome huh ?

The song, Through My Window has attracted 3.9 million mentions on the Internet, over 6,600 video and audio up loads on its site and 1,433 tweets on Twitter since it’s Oct 19 debut.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

John Mayer Buys A Ferrari To Drive His Sadness Away !

John Mayer Buys A Ferrari When He is Sad..

John Mayer has revealed that he bought a Ferrari, a black Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano to be exact on a day when he was feeling sad.

The 'All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye' singer admits his investment in the luxury sports car was "ridiculous", and represented a "ticket out of the game".

He said: "Nobody stopped me the day I was real sad because you don't buy a Ferrari when you're happy; you buy a Ferrari when you're sad.

"You buy a Ferrari when there's a piece missing inside of you. All of these things are absolute tickets out of the game: you have to enjoy your life without indulging so much that you lose it."

John Mayer and his 599 GTB Fiorano Ferrari

The day he bought the Ferrari, John Mayer who had an on/off relationship with former 'Friends' actress Jennifer Aniston - couldn't decide whether driving a sports car was more ludicrous than the endless speculation over his love life.

He told Britain's Guardian newspaper: "I bought a Ferrari and drove it to Las Vegas on the day I bought it."

"What's more ridiculous - putting 600 miles on a black-on-black 599 Ferrari the day you get it, or having somebody call your best friend and ask if you're still dating that girl?"

If you are John Mayer's fan, his new album,titled Battle Studies is out. Listen to his song 'All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye' here.

If I am as famous and as rich as John Mayer, I seriously dont mind buying a few of those Ferrari and put in a Lamborghini into the equation too !! Don't forget to listen to his new album, Battle Studies..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Starbucks Christmas Blend, Your Perfect 2009 Christmas Wish !!


Limited Time Only Starbucks Christmas Blend by Starbucks Coffee Company

Smooth and spicy, warm and cozy, celebrating 25 years. A perfect complement to rich Christmas foods and festive wishing. Starbucks Christmas Blend is back better than ever ! A sweet, spicy cup filled with tradition. Definitely "THE" drink worth waiting for.

Each year, this sweet, spicy favorite combines the liveliness of superb Latin American coffees with the mellow smoothness of Asia-Pacific coffees, including rare aged Indonesian beans.

However, what makes it special is that the flavour profile varies slightly each year. While staying true to its bean origin and beloved taste complexities, the flavor notes dance a bit differently as new beans are combined to create this one-of-a-kind coffee.

You can buy Starbucks Christmas Blend at RM38 of 250g, whole bean or ground

Christmas Blend's unique flavor comes mostly from Indonesian coffee beans aged for three to five years in the heat and humidity of Singapore. The recipe changes to accommodate the different flavors of each year's coffee crops, but basically it is a mix of Latin American and Indonesian coffees, spiced with the special aged beans.

The Christmas Blend well known many Starbucks customers has a thing for the smooth, rich spiciness of aged Indonesian coffee. Because the beans are rare, the Starbucks Coffee Company uses them only in Christmas Blend and Anniversary Blend, another limited-time coffee available each fall.
Since its the Christmas season, you too can enjoy Starbucks Christmas Beverages which comprises of Toffee Nut Latte, Toffee Nut Frappuccino® and Mocha Praline. Read more

Starbucks® Christmas Blend, a perfect complement to rich Christmas foods and good cheer.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Rock The World 9 Malaysia !! Featuring Zee Avi and Bunkface !!

Its the time of the year again !! Nope,not Christmas but its Rock The World 9 Malaysia !! As the biggest Malaysian rock event to be held annually, this year's Rock The World Malaysia is looking to provide some needed variety with 3 different stages. So let's quickly run through the line-up and there's over 50 acts listed. *December update - Zee Avi not performing*

Malaysian current hot music property who is currently living in the US,Zee Avi is billed, no doubt she'll be a crowd-puller since it's not every day we get to see her live. And of course the evergreen Love Me Butch, Pop Shuvit, Bunkface, Azmyl Yunor and Couple.

Not to mention are the scene's rising stars like Robot Asmara, Shahridir & Nizam P, 40 Winks and Joanna & Co. Meet Uncle Hussain is billed alongside Azlan & The Typewriter,a lil awkward right ? But I think thats kinda cool !! And of course those I cant wait seeing Seven Collar T-Shirt perform because their latest album The Great Battle is so, so good.

For aspiring rockstars, you can get in on the RTW action too. They're holding the Rock The World 9 Band Search Tour at several spots across Malaysia. So if you think they missed out on your band when they curated the line-up, here's where to go to show off your chops




*There will be a preview of the very first Twisties Bingit Music Workshop featuring John Thomas on drums, Rithan from Deja Voodoo Spells and Julian Mokhtar on guitars, Ken (former Estranged bassist) on bass and a chiptune music workshop by MN32.

Venue and Time
Time: 12pm onwards
Date: Saturday, 19 December 2009
Venue: Sunway Lagoon, Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tickets: RM25 (available at Rock Corner, Music Valley and all Extreme outlets)

More info on Rock The World Malaysia 9 @ or

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Final Call For Yahoo! Youreka, Green Ticket (16-24Nov)


Hey Internet junkies out there,Yahoo Malaysia is rewarding their loyal readers on Yahoo! Malaysia News,Yahoo! Malaysia Mail and Yahoo! Malaysia Messenger a chance to win super cool prizes such as Blackberry Curve 8520, mi adidas microbounce shoes and accessories, macbooks and even Ipod Touch. All you have to do is discover and then... Youreka!

Head on to the microsite at to start your virtual treasure hunt. Here's how to play the game: hidden within Yahoo!'s properties like Yahoo! Malaysia News, Yahoo! Malaysia Messenger and Yahoo! Malaysia Mail are Red (12 Oct - 31 Oct), Blue (2 Nov - 14 Nov) and Green (16 Nov - 24 Nov) tickets that can be redeemed at an on-ground location for cool prizes. All you got to do is FIND IT

To do so, it's pretty simple. The Youreka! site is filled with clues as to where they are for the day. Besides that, the microsite also has cool facts about the colour purple, games and trivia - all geared towards making you discover more!

Here's another thing. Hidden at on-ground redemption sites are elusive purple tickets that may just win you more awesome prizes at the Youreka! Finale Party. At this exclusive party, there'll be music, games, design, entertainment, total fun-ness !!  Full details of the party are not released yet but the date set is 25th November
So, lock that down on your planner as you wouldn't want to miss out. Head on to to start looking for your loots and treasures !! Aye,go pirates !!

YOUREKA ! Your Discoveries Could Make You A Winner !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photoshop The Xiaxue Style !! Her Best Kept Secret Weapon of Looking Chio !!

Xiaxue Photoshop Skills !!

Xiaxue aka Wendy Cheng, the very famous Singaporean blogger who needs no introduction right ? I'm pretty sure that most of you must be wondering how she and her blog look so nice all the time. Thanks to the power of Adobe Photoshop ! Yes, she will be spilling out some of her best kept secret in these 2 videos. Ok ok, I know its abit outdated but it certainly worth posting !! Watch carefully !!

Xiaxue's Guide To Life - Photoshop Part 1

Xiaxue's Guide To Life - Photoshop Part 2

How was it ? very funny and educating at the same time right ? Yeah. so now you know how to make you,yourself and your blog looking extra "chio" (pretty,nice) ? Thanks to Xiaxue !! =)
Yups, you can follow this awesome blogger by reading her awesome blog @ !!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Air Asia 2009 Free 1 Million Seat Promo, 300K Tickets Snapped Up

Air Asia 1 Million Free Seats Promo !! Book now, Travel in 2010

Well, I guessed most of you might had aware of this Air Asia's 1 Million Free Seats promotion. For your info, 300,000 seats has been snapped up in less than 24 hours. Thats like phenomenal !! For the record, Air Asia actually registered more than 300 million hits on their website, in a span of 11 hours. Crazy !

Demand vastly exceeded expectations partly because of the airline’s entry into new markets such as Australia, Britain, India, China and the Middle East.But what makes the free seats offer really hot is that there is also no fuel surcharge and administration fees.

AirAsia is also offering free hotel rooms on Don't worry much as there are still 700,000 free seats available up to Sunday(15th November). Book earlier to avoid disappointment. The travel period for the free seats is from May 1 onwards to Oct 30, 2010.

Was browsing through the Air Asia website, and saw quite a number of destinations available especially on the domestic destinations. Well course, those hot vacation places has mostly been snapped up or taken up like Hong Kong, Taipei and Hangzhou.
Advise from Air Asia for first timers or less experienced interested travellers -

Due to overwhelming response from our Free Seats promotion, you’ll notice that our site, is a little slower than usual. We assure you that we are doing all we can to speed things up. Sit back, relax and have a cuppa while waiting or try as an alternative for booking.

Air Asia - The World's Best Low-Cost Airline

Free 8GB Pendrive When Hosting With Exabytes Network


November specials by Exabytes Network - Buy hosting FREE Pen Drive !

Exabytes Network is giving away free stylish 8GB S.L.I.Q PenDrive worth RM78 to anyone who signup for their hosting services. Exabytes is your all in one place for online hosting service solution,be it a gallery, portal, blog, e-mail or e-commerce.

The above are Exabytes Network's hosting services plans for your needs

Why Exabytes? Because Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd is a leading web hosting company based in Malaysia that was founded on the principal of providing the best webhosting solutions to their customers.

Like a toddler learning how to walk, Exabytes has fallen a few times before it was able to stand tall in this robust cyber world today. They fell, then they rose, then they fell, but they rose again, stronger than ever before. It was this determination spirit that makes Exabytes Network what they are today – the number #1 webhosting provider in the region as voted by their customers.

Here are some example of Exabytes Network's notable clients

I really do hope I have some extra moolah to host this blog. Hopefully money will fall off from the sky !!..By the way, do check out more on the Exabytes November Promo

    Wednesday, November 11, 2009

    Perodua MPV D46T Leaked Pictures ?

    Yup, its the new Perodua MPV !! Thanks to Paultan..

    Most of you might had already that the new Perodua MPV codenamed D46T is launching somewhere around this month of November. It was rumoured to be built based on the blueprints of Toyota Passo Sette or Daihatsu Boon Luminas. Following are some factory photos of Perodua MPV D46T, credits to Paultan.Org =)

    (Front) Perodua Myvi-ish + Proton Exora-ish = New Perodua MPV !!

    very Perodua MyVi-ish,longer version only but still looked great !

    Dashboard in the middle,clean cut panels.AWESOME !

    (Seats) As seen in mostPerodua cars,should be comfortable for long journeys

    (Engine) 1.5 litre Twin Cam 16V, sufficient to power the car

    It measures 4,180mm long, 1,695mm wide and 1,620mm tall, with a long 2,750mm wheelbase to maximize the interior space (2,550mm long). Of course la, it meant to be a 7 seater car what? This will be the best companion if you have a big family that loves travelling.

    If you wanna start comparing this with Proton Exora , it would not be fair to both parties as the new Perodua MPV D46T is positioned mainly as a car with a large boot instead of an MPV . There wont be any head-to-head battle between the two national car makers.(hopefully!)

    It is expected to be priced between RM57K to RM66k, according to Perodua MD Datuk Syed Hafiz Syed Abu Bakar. A very good bargain huh ?
    I thought that this new Perodua MPV to be launched earlier in time for Hari Raya celebrations to earn more sales and bookings but then maybe it was due to some internal issues. Just my 2 cents.