Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Swatch Automatic Chronograph - Review


As most of you might had already known about this latest offering from Swatch, it is the brand's first batch of automatic chronographs. Swatch had  launched their first automatic chronographs models on 15 October 2009 worldwide.

If you are not familiar with the term "automatic",it is actually running with no batteries attached as the movement of the clock are based on quantum movements from our wrist and of course, you need to wind the watch to generate "power" if the watch leave untouch for at least 1 day.

The new Swatch automation collection is composed of five distinct sporty wristwatches-Simple Pure, Sign In The Sky, Right Track, Blunge and Silver Class. With fashinable appearance and textured materials, this collection gives new interpretation of precise chronograph watches.

The launch of this multi-functional automatic watch collection marks Swatch’s another bold challenge to conservative watch market that has long dominated by high-end traditional watch brands.

The Swatch designers has combined reliable automatic functions and tasteful design styles on the new automatic watches. With steel bracelet it’s available for € 295 (or $380), with rubber or leather strap the price is € 285 (or $ 370).

The video below might convince you to get one..

Love at first sight !! The Swatch Automatic Chronograph would be the perfect Christmas gift from anyone cause I'm also an automatic watch fan myself. Hopefully Swatch would grant me this perfect wish !! =)

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