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Digi iPhone and Maxis iPhone Plan Comparison - 2010 Review

Maxis iPhone vs Digi iPhone Price and Data Comparison

Ok, the post that some of us might have been waiting for. The price and data package comparison between  Maxis iPhone and Digi iPhone. Who will win the battle in the long term ? I can safely assumed that iPhone 3Gs are targeted at the younger generations.

If you are in that category which iPhone 3GS would you purchase from ? Maxis or Digi ? Here's the brief comparison and I'm you will know which is the most suitable choice. Just say I've targeted an iPhone 3GS 16GB. Its enough for me to surf the web, play some casual games or just listen to music.

Data package wise, of course the cheaper the better but offers better value right ? as majority of you would not be using your iPhone to do heavy downloading and doing massive calling. That is what I assumed, could be different with other users.

Without further adieu, I will put up the iPhone 3GS packages of Maxis and Digi for you to compare
Digi iPhone 3G/3GS plans

Therefore, I would chose iDigi88 as its the cheapest that DiGi can offer. I just need to pay RM88 for 200min call time, 200 SMS, 20MMS(to all networks) and 1GB of data capping. Best thing is, you will not pay extra for exceeding the data cap.

I will choose the iPhone 3GS 16GB by paying installments which is the EPP 24 which I need to RM159 per month for 2 years inclusive of the iDigi88 plan. Next up is Maxis iPhone plan.

Maxis iPhone 3GS/3G plan

The cheapest to choose is the iValue 1 which I need to pay RM100 for 333minutes of call time, 100 SMS, 10MMS and 500MB of data capping. But if you exceed the data capping, you need to pay for the extra bandwidth. 

Another downside is that, you are required to pay full upfront for an iPhone 3GS which RM1390 but they do offer 0% interest free installments. Can't see the payments from the website but if calculated by yourself, its about RM58 just for the phone itself. Total up with RM100 of iValue1, it comes up to RM158 per month.

The verdict ? Maxis won the battle by offering RM1 lower than its Digi counterpart and thats merely the whole story. Haha, just joking. Read further.

The stats above shows you that Digi is actually the clear winner by offering double the call time, SMS, MMS and Data cap than that of Maxis. The biggest advantage Digi had over Maxis was the no extra payment for exceeding the data capping. FTW !!

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