Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nuffnang Credited RM20 to My Account on Project Alpha W3

Nuffnang Credited RM20 to My Account on Project Alpha already !!

Yesh, finally the nightmare had gone as Nuffnang credited RM20 into my account for writing an advertorial on Week 3 Instant Cash Blogging of Nuffnang Project Alpha Season 2. Really happy cause I thought I had missed the pack as as far as things concern, I submitted my article in the evening on Monday.

So here are some pointers that I wanna share with you guys out there if you wanna buta-buta earn instant cash.

  • Stare at your screenWait till Project Alpha announces their new topic of the week. Normally by 12pm on every Monday
  • Be kiasuWrite your post asap but don't be too rush till you overlook the instructions given in the Project Alpha website e.g uploading photo and the last sentence thingy.
  • Make sure you fill in your details correctly and most importantly your URL.
  • End everything by tweeting about your post with required hashtags/URL. ITS COMPULSORY !!
  • Estimated time to write a post - 30mins if imagination running wild in your head, 1 hour if your brain is running on a 386 processor at that time.
  • Best time to post - IMMEDIATELY !! Jangan le terhegeh-hegeh ok ? At least by 2pm to be safe to be among the first 100 bloggers =)
See !! Very easy right ? Just follow my simple tips and you are on your way for the instant cash !! *claps*

If you are feeling bored, feel free can read my lame but fruitful post on -
Dont forget that Project Alpha Season 2 is starting soon, do support ya !!

Maybe its time to cashout my Nuffnang check for the 3rd time ^^ 

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