Saturday, January 14, 2012

Letter Tattoo Designs

Do you know that if you choose to have a letter tattoo, you should take into consideration where in your body to have it inked? In addition, it is also important to pay importance on the "font" size and its design. Having said this, allow me to give you more pointers on how to have that best letter tattoo before finally getting one for yourself:

Letter Tattoo Designs1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE. Will the tattoo symbolize the initial of a loved one? Will it be an initial of your secret love or crush? Will it be okay to be obvious or must it be kept for discreet viewing only? Are you bent on really getting one or have you just been swayed into getting one against your will?

Letter Tattoo Designs2. IMAGINE. Remember what other people say: Never underestimate the power of your imagination, and this includes your letter tattoo. After knowing what you want to achieve, the next step is to imagine how it will look like with the designs you can possibly imagine. If you want, can also imagine how girls or boys swoon after they see your tattoo. Imagine more. maybe your crush will think you're cool and might actually ask you for a date.Imagine that you'd be like a superstar in school or your workplace because of your tattoo, that life would be great. Therefore, you have to make your imagination work to get the best one you can---and plan how to achieve it.

Letter Tattoo Designs3. PLAN. It has been said that imagination is important but has to be paired with a plan. Achieving something will be possible with a good imagination and a strategic plan. Plan as to what design and where to have the tattoo done. To help you plan well, you can do research and lots of online research as to what kind of font size, color or kind of letters to choose. Will you limit your choices to English? How about trying Korean, Chinese,Arabic or Japanese characters? Pretty cool choices you've got there huh!As for location, will it look good if you have it etched on your left arm or on the right one? Will it look good on you if it's on your cleavage? Will the price be worth it if you place it on your ankle? As for the size, will you go for the extremely big one, the average or the small one? Let's say you choose the letter "S". Will it be good if it's smaller or bigger? If you decide to make it oversized, it might just look like a misplaced Superman symbol on your wrist or arm. Goodness! Therefore, decide carefully. Err on the safe side as they say.
Letter Tattoo Designs4. DECIDE. Having done all the aforementioned, its high time you make a decision. Of course, asking for a second opinion is not bad, but ultimately, it's your skin, your choice and your life. Never allow other people to talk you out of your decision that you have carefully thought of, imagined and planned!

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